Why does Mark Warner Suddenly Oppose an Unfunded Tax Holiday?


Why does Mark Warner suddenly have a conscience when it comes to paying for things? He has had no problem voting for every Democrat mega-spending bill that has come down the pike.

He is opposing the payroll tax extension that Republicans have put forth. Much to the chagrin of conservatives, Republicans have proposed an extension of the payroll tax holiday that was so hotly contested last fall.

This is a clean extension with no strings that will extend the “tax holiday” through the end of the year. This type of bill is originally what President Obama was calling for when it all came up last December. He repeatedly belittled Republicans for playing politics, and not passing a clean bill to extend the tax holiday through 2012. At the time, Democrats and the President opposed the Republican bill because Republicans were standing on the principle that the tax breaks be paid for with cuts in other areas.

Now all of a sudden when Republicans are willing to cave right off the bat and provide a yearlong tax holiday without insisting that it be paid for, Democrats like Warner are opposing it; Why?

The answer is simple; they need to fight this battle at least a couple of more times leading up to the election. The last thing they want is to take this off the table as an issue they can bash Republicans with.

Republicans are attempting (although many conservatives disagree with this tactic) to take this off the table as an election year issue, but Democrats cannot have that.

Democrats are desperate for issues to draw attention away from the economy, jobs, and their massive spending over the last 3 years.

The President has presented Congress with a budget that cannot possibly pass. Even Democrats will not be caught dead voting for it, but then that was the intention. It allows the President to stand on the stump and rail against “Republicans in Congress who won’t pass his budget and allow him to help Americans in need.”

Meanwhile the White House, Congressional Democrats, women’s groups, and Democrat Political Action Committees are in the midst of a stoking a Democrat manufactured crisis on contraception which was not even an issue until they got George Stephanopoulos to bring it up in a January 7th Presidential debate.

The President needs the votes of women and his numbers are down big time with this group. This is a transparent attempt to sway women away from Republicans over an issue that was a non-issue, not even on the radar of Americans until Stephanopoulos brought it up. Within days of the debate the President suddenly issued an edict attacking the Catholic Church over the issue. Note that it was only the Catholic Church that was attacked, not Jewish groups, and not Muslims.

It’s all a distraction folks.

Each one of these issues is designed to gain support from some very specific groups, and to draw your eyes away from the reality of what Democrats and the President have done to our economy and our Constitution as we head toward November.

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