What Could We Loose?


What could Virginians lose on November 5th?

· Our opportunity to stand up to the Federal Government.

· Our money – Medicaid expansion will not be funded by the Federal Government. They are broke. That’s why we need alternate source of funding for ourselves like playing well on การพนันออนไลน์ could help us with that.

· Our choice of doctors and insurance – OBAMACARE is a disaster.

· Women’s safety – abortion clinics will not be held to basic health standards.

· Our Second Amendment Rights – Who got Ds and an F from the National Rife Association?

· First Amendment – Christians, our standards of right and wrong could soon be hate speech

· Right to Work laws will be removed by Unions.

· Local business freedoms – EPA standards will strap localities with huge and unnecessary tax increases.

· Coal – the main economic stabilizer in Southwest Virginia

· Inexpensive electricity – inefficient alternative energy sources will be promoted.

This is what Virginia could lose. This will not be the Virginia I grew up in. This will not be the Virginia I want for my children. This will not be the Virginia my ancestors fought and died for. We are losing our freedoms!

This should not be the Virginia we accept. We still have time to make a difference. There is no excuse for not voting and no excuse for not voting common sense values.

November 5 is coming – please help. If “you don’t want to” or “you don’t care,” then care for your children and grandchildren! Virginia’s future is at stake. Let’s make the last 7 days successful for our posterity.

“If not me, who? If not now, when?” Things we can do:

· Pray.

· Vote on Tuesday November 5. Polls are open from 6a to 7p.

· Call your Christmas card list, church directory, phone contacts, and neighbors. Get commitments from 5 people that they will go to the polls and vote Republican on November 5th.

· Volunteer to knock doors, make phone calls at a victory center, and/or work the polls on Election Day.

As Virginia goes, so goes the nation. It has been that way since the founding of this nation. Let’s show America we do not want the policies of Washington DC nor become a to look like Detroit, Michigan.

Travis Witt

Pastor, Patriot, Republican State Central Committee member

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