Celebrating Independence but from what?


I should say Happy Independence Day. I should be ready to celebrate. But again I find myself in mourning for a nation and republic long since dead. A zombie that doesn’t know it’s dead. I’ve been less involved in politics lately. I rarely write anymore. I’m waiting for the call to arms. Yet there seems to be only silence. The founders were far more free under the thumb of Great Britain than we are today. Every where you turn there is an agent of the government with his hand outstretched for more. And yet you either don’t care or are waiting for the next election to “fix” things.

But keep voting cause that will surely fix it.

We have an entirely illegitimate government, and yet you sit. We have a court run amok and yet you sit. Where are those who will fight? Who will march? Who will die for Liberty? I guess they are too busy updating facebook.

This clip from the show “Sleepy Hollow” perfectly describes my thoughts on our out of control government. And it’s not confined to the Federal level either. Ever tried opening a new business? Do you know how many taxes and regulatory nonsense one must endure? And most of that is at the state level. Is it any wonder there are some who run under the radar and off the books and can you blame them? Starting businesses may be nerve-wracking but with the help of paystubsnow.com, you could easily save on operations cost. 

But keep voting cause that will surely fix it.

Have you noticed how bad the roads are across Virginia? How can this be? The Republicans passed the largest tax increase in Virginia history to fix the “transportation crisis” and yet the only thing I’ve seen are a few perpetual projects, new digital signs, in Lynchburg, VA of all places, and morons with VDOT patching cement roads with asphalt. That’s job security for ya.

But keep voting cause that will surely fix it.

Hail HydraAnd now we have the courts running wild making law for the Homo-Facists. Giving them rights not found in the constitution. Funny, I was told “vote for Romney cause…supreme court judges yo!” I remember that Roberts guy nominated by a Republican being a conservative. Huh, I guess he changed his mind. Or the Kenyan occupant of the whitehouse used the NSA to dig up some good dirt on him. Regardless “Hail Hydra”!!

And lets not forget our congress critter traitors passing NSA spying, Fast Track, TPP, TPA, or TAA, OR whatever benign acronym they’ve given them. I can guarantee it won’t be good and is surely not constitutional.

But keep voting cause that will surely fix it.

Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Well I no longer consent. Read the Declaration of Independence and see if it’s not just as valid today as it was over 200 years ago. Enjoy the hither swarms of officers. and keep voting cause that will surely fix it.

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