The Courage to Fight Back – Stories of Success and Perseverance

It is said that failure is a more important catalyst in motivating you to work towards your goal than success. This is indicated by the lives of eminent personalities like Apple founder Steve Jobs, professional boxer Muhammad Ali, and rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers). They, after initial setbacks to their career, went on to make it big. You could make it big in your own ways. Start your way to financial freedom by playing simple and interactive betting games at เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ufabet.

The Story of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is globally renowned for creating one of the most wide-selling brands of electronics ranging from computers, mobile phones, tablets, music players – Apple. However, his life wasn’t carved with roses and garlands from the very beginning. It is hardly believable that such an innovative thinker dropped out of college!

After spending merely six months at college, he decided that he couldn’t be restrained any further by work that wasn’t minutely interesting to him, so he dropped out of college, and instead of treating this as a personal defeat, he took the trajectory in a different turn altogether and went on to become one of the most valued inventors of the 21st century. At the time of his death (2011), his net value was placed at a whopping 10.2 billion US Dollars, a testimony to his never-ending fight towards success.

The Enigmatic Muhammad Ali

At the time of the Vietnam War, Muhammad Ali refused to serve the US Forces and had his boxing license confiscated by a decision of the Supreme Court, in addition to a massive fine and a prison sentence. The devastation of this level after achieving so much glory could have pushed anyone to defeat, but Ali believed in coming back stronger when hit, and he did just that. After the charges of draft evasion were cleared, he returned to the ring and continued his legacy as one of the best boxers in the world. After all, he came up with the quote, ‘don’t count the days, makes the days count.

Eminem – A Story of Resurgence

Marshall Mathers, or Eminem as he is popularly called by his fans and the music industry alike, had an extremely troubled childhood, growing up amidst abject poverty and a turbulent family. He dropped out of school in ninth grade and started earning money by working odd jobs for his allowance. He started abusing drugs and alcohol and even attempted suicide once in 1996. However, he didn’t let his tragedy stop him from attaining success, becoming one of the most famous rap artists in the early 2000s. His story is indeed a stubborn dismissal of perseverance against failure.

We mustn’t lose heart in the face of failure because the obstacles to success provide us with the best vantage point of examining our shortcomings so that we can keep at it and get over those hurdles. If one is faced with no challenges, their vision of the world becomes fallacious, and they think too highly of themselves, bringing about their fall in the process. Failure to succeed is a much more humbling experience, teaching one the tenets of fearless determination and courage, humility, and endurance.

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