Political Parties and their Campaigns Amidst the Pandemic

Current Situation: –

The pandemic has stretched its hands in every part of the world. It has left no stone unturned to hamper the growth of society as a whole. The economy, sports, education, politics, entertainment, and other sectors have faced immense hardships to survive and face the vivacious nature of the pandemic, Covid-19.

Politicians are more stressed and looking for ways to boost the spirit of the community. This not only helps them to gain popularity but also highlights the credibility of the political parties. Campaigns have no pathway to implement and disseminate the information of the politicians. There are also certain restrictions on the civic polls campaigning. Various politicians have called off their rallies and campaigns considering the current circumstances. Political appointees are also trying to hold an administrative meeting to overcome the incurred losses.

Political Parties and their Mind Set Today: –

Political parties have been in huge losses. They are not able to implement their strategies, plans and make space in the minds and hearts of the citizens. Each political party tends to attract its ethnic group. There is a constant fight between the right and the left extremist. National racism is still prevalent in society. Left extremist strives hard to appeal the younger generation. Meanwhile, the politicians have canceled certain campaigns. For instance, the Prime Minister of India has canceled the campaigns which were scheduled in West Bengal.

No matter how much accountable is the election commission, various loopholes can be traced. In Virginia, the elections are said to be conducted in November 2021. Amidst the pandemic, the citizens have to follow all rules and regulations. Several politicians have helped the poor and the needy by providing them with the necessities of life to influence the voters.

The Activism of Political Parties: –

Politicians have managed to fight against the opposition parties. They have the zest to compete with each other. They highlight their vivacious actions by standing tall with pride. Not only in India, but in all countries, the parties try to attract the citizens of a specific group. To flourish and come under the limelight they follow various types of activism that the political parties follow.

  • Strikes
  • Protests
  • Political Rallies
  • Political Campaigns
  • Peaceful Marches
  • Boycotting of inappropriate Businesses

These are the few methods that the politicians choose to highlight and gain much support from the citizens. Various politicians have merged with brands to attract voters. This trend is usually practiced in foreign countries and merely in India. Politics exist in all walks of life. There is politics in schools, corporate sectors, public sectors, colleges, and all kinds of infrastructure prevailing in society. Events also take place in society which highlights various aspects. These events are more asserted towards the latest trends and lifestyles. Citizens look forward to enhancing their social skills. Due to the pandemic, the nature of the campaigns has refashioned. They are persistently searching for solutions to mobilize India in a better way. Now, political parties conduct their campaigns which are silent yet noisy.

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