Why American Politics Has Such A Great Impact On The Rest Of The World

When the United States goes to the polls every four years, it is common for the rest of the world to watch the results intently on their television channels. But why is the rest of the world so interested? The answer, of course, is that America is a superpower and its dollars are what makes and breaks the stock market, and above that, the president of the United States has the power to change the world. So the world has a great interest in the politics of America.

The presidential elections in America

If you have a keen interest in American politics, you will know that politics in America comprises of two parties and they are the Democrats and the Republicans. The recent elections saw Joe Biden take over the office from Donald Trump with a clear margin. Voting in America is very different from other countries. Here the voters do not vote for their candidate. Instead, they vote for the electors of the Electoral College.

The president and the vice president of the United States are then voted by the Electoral College. The national electoral race by Biden and Trump ended with Trump losing to Biden. Every news channel and every newspaper inside the country as well as outside covered the presidential elections in America.

The Op Ed’s were full of personal comments on the elections, and many people commented on why Biden was the perfect chance. Republicans are strong supporters of conservatism and always had strong support for conservative ideologies.

Can the Electoral College vote differ from the popular votes?

When the last of the campaign is done, and when the democrats and republicans have done their part, it is time for the Electoral College to vote. Usually, the result goes in favor of the popular votes, but with Hilary Clinton and Trump, the popular votes were in favor of Hilary Clinton, but the Electoral College elected Trump. Vogue, the fashion magazine, had endorsed Hilary because, according to them, she was the perfect chance if she had become the first female president.

But things changed with Biden and Trump, Biden won the electoral vote by 306 votes, and Trump got 232 votes. So with a clear margin, the 46th president of America was now Joe Biden. Leading writers wrote in support of Biden in their editorial section. Trump had difficulty in accepting his defeat, supporters of Trump held rallies in front of the Whitehouse. Anyway, at the end of the day, Trump had to step down.

The lighter side of politics

Fashion has always been an important part of American politics, with the first lady being the role model for the younger generation. Vogue has come up with many fashion trends that inspire the younger generation. Also, the magazine comes up with innovative ideas in bringing the present situation to light, like police atrocities and other such events to the public eye.

Whatever the situation, politics in the United States has always interested the people the world over. The leaders of every country eagerly wait for the election results in America, as it has a great impact on the rest of the world.

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