Larry Bethea

Born in Virginia and raised around Washington DC/politics, I was just a child when I cast my first vote.  ok it was my Mother’s vote; she provided civics lessons for her children.  I joined the U.S. Air Force right out of High School.  My last duty station was at the White House as a Presidential Communicator.  I witnessed the bias of the main stream media first hand; I saw huge stories which were never told.   Seeing the Carter Administration, then the Reagan Administration up close & inside; I turned to the Republicans and volunteered on Local, State, and National political campaigns.   Years later I broke away from the Republicans in frustration and worked with single issue groups such as 2nd Amendment groups and Veteran Issues.  As an American History buff I started calling myself an Anti-Federalist because if our Governmental System is Federalism, I’m against it! 

Throughout the years I’ve had many articles published on various topics, mostly political.  I have returned to the GOP, not to blend in and nod, but to stand up and be bold!  I have learned that our Laws have been written for a two party system.  I live between two Tea Party groups (Lynchburg & Jefferson Area) and have participated with both.  I hope I can shed some light on the greatness of America, Virginia and with Providence, we can restore our Republic.

Sic Semper Tyrannis  (Thus [death] Always to tyrants)

Wm. Larry Bethea, Jr.

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