Kurt Feigel

Not new to politics. Kurt Feigel has been blogging and vlogging for over 3 years. Conservative since the age of 15 when he received his first paycheck and asked “who is this ‘FICA’ guy”? and realizing that Liberal’s all wanted to steal as much as they could from his paycheck.

Kurt is a Jeffersonian “tree of liberty” Constitutionalist. Not quite a Libertarian but not far off. He believes that the best avenue to effect positive changes in our nation is by controlling the one side of the idiotic 2 party system; The Republicans.He isn’t doing this because of some sick desire to subversively wreck the system. He worked in 2010 in the 5th District to reform the party and with others was successful in that goal. Replacing 11, 5th District Unit Chairs and the 5th District Chairman. Recently Kurt was elected to server as the Chairman of the Campbell County Republican party.

His work in the Tea Party started in late 2009 when he was asked to speak at a rally. The Lynchburg Tea Party was officially formed shortly after and he served as Vice Chair for a year. Currently Kurt is serving as the President of the Lynchburg Tea Party and the former Communications Director of the VTPP and still helps with the website.

Some have coined a phrase that explains the drumming people get from his keyboard as being “Feigeled”…So watch out!

Kurt is the Managing Editor of Red State Virginia.

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