Aaron Mills

That government which stays out of my home, my car, my business, my checking account, my church, and my everyday life governs best. Aaron is a libertarian at heart, and is generally in love with personal liberty and individual freedoms. He spends most of his time looking at code, consulting on internet projects, and reading something about politics that makes him upset.

He lives with his wonderful wife Crystal in the rolling hills of Central Virginia where some people still live without smart phones, internet access, and starbucks.

Originally a California transplant, Aaron left the left coast to find greener (but not more eco-friendly) pastures. Entering Virginia because of his love for its scenery, wildlife, and history he has quickly become wrapped up in its politics. He owns a Virginia small business and frequently spends time in neighboring Tennessee where his other business partner runs a national marketing agency focused on helping ministries adapt to the paradigm shift in publishing brought about by the Internet.

Aaron has also consulted for national, and international organizations on web application development, social media, and search engine marketing.

Aaron Will be voting for Ron Paul in the 2012 Elections. While Aaron finds some points of disagreement with him on international policy, he feels Ron Paul has bigger gonads and better principles than anyone else in the current national political environment. Aaron is a board member of the Lynchburg Tea Party, and would join the libertarian party if they would run a single candidate with a chance of winning. Until then he is focused on making the GOP more like him, and pointing out those who pretend to be conservative.

Find Aaron on his blog at www.aarondmills.com

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