Congressman Goodlatte Standing Strong On Immigration

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I want to give you a quick update on immigration. Despite what you might read in the press, there is no mad dash to revive some new immigration reform bill. As I have said for months, the Senate bill on comprehensive immigration reform is dead in the House and will go nowhere.

However, our immigration system is still broken because our current laws are inadequate to address the continuing influx of illegal immigration and we have a President determined to ignore the laws we do have. We need to fix our immigration system, starting with enforcement first, in a step by step process.

But here is what I won’t support: I won’t support an immigration bill that doesn’t start with increased border security. I won’t support a bill without enhanced enforcement which can bypass the whims of this President—or any President—who does not want to enforce our laws. I won’t support a bill that doesn’t have the support of a large majority of House Republicans. And finally, neither I nor a majority of House Republicans will support a bill which provides amnesty to those who willfully broke our laws.

In addition, President Obama’s continued failure to enforce our immigration laws has made it increasingly unlikely that immigration reform will move this Congress because the American people don’t trust that he would enforce the law.

Currently, we are witnessing the failure of the President’s policies along our southern border. Word has gotten out around the world about President Obama’s lax immigration enforcement policies and it has encouraged more individuals to come to the United States illegally, many of whom are children, teenagers, and families from Central America. I plan to hold a hearing on this troubling issue next week in the House Judiciary Committee.

To sum it up, while action this year is unlikely, the problems on our southern border are getting worse, not better. This President and his Administration need to, at the very least, enforce current law. Without border security and strict enforcement the further discussion of immigration reform is pointless.


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