The Parents and Kids Battle It Out In The Political Sphere

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // March 24, 2014   // Comments Off

I’m forty now. But I grew up in an age of rebellion to all things. Rage against the machine. Fight for your right to party. We’re not gonna take it. NO! We ain’t gonna take it. A battle that continues to this day. A battle between our parents (boomers) and the kids (generation x).

The boomers still don’t understand gen x. It’s about sticking it to the man. And the man is a representation of our parents and teachers. When “the man” takes over our political party. When he tells us “vote for this guy” we won’t stand for it. It may be good for us. May be not. But we will fall on our sword to prove the point.

“Nobody tells us what to do. ”

It started in the 2012 election. Voters in Gen X overwhelmingly refused to do what “dad” said and while they may not have voted for Obama the result was the same. Massive loss. They “stuck it to the man” and it felt good. So good in fact that they’ve been doing it ever since.

There is a chance to get them back. But not with what’s going on in VA politics right now. Dad and Teacher are telling little Johny to shut up and sit in the corner. To turn down that “rock n roll”. toe the line. and do what we are told.

NO! We ain’t gonna take it anymore.

We're not gonna take itThis is why you are seeing the fabric of our political system tear itself apart. So to the GOP I say keep it up. You’ve no idea the political blood bath that awaits you. Will we defeat you? not directly. But without our money. our time. our feet. and our phones you will surely loose. And we will rejoice in it. We will revel in your destruction because we finally once and for all STUCK IT TO THE MAN!!!

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