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Dear fellow Republicans,

My name is Hud Marston. I am a longtime member of the Charlotte County GOP committee, and of the Tea Party as well. You need to know the story of what is going on in the Fifth District GOP chairman’s race.

Mark Lloyd, the former head of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, has been in this race for months now. Recently, Jon Berkley, Charlotte County chairman, jumped into the race to oppose Mark.

Did not Jon Berkley, at the recent Danville Tea Party meeting, stand up and demand that Mark join him in committing not to “slate” any county’s delegation to the convention, to ensure that everyone who wishes to vote has the opportunity? Mark has made no effort to slate anyone.

Well, last Thursday, March 13, was the Charlotte County mass meeting. We had a prefiling requirement the previous Thursday, March 6, at 7:00 p.m. I talked with Jon Berkley on March 6 at 10:00 AM to arrange delivery of Delegate Registration Forms to him that I was receiving from Chuck Vilushis, former head of the Southside Tea Party. None of the 20 prefiled folks had even committed to either candidate! My plan was to deliver them to him at his place of work that afternoon in Dillwyn in order to be sure on meeting the 7:00 PM deadline for having them in. He asked if I would be attending The Health Care Forum being held that evening at Hampden Sydney in Crawley Forum. I told him I had not planned to go but I would come to meet him in the parking lot at Crawley Forum to deliver the forms.

At approximately 6:45 PM, while on my cell phone with Curtis Nix, my wife and I entered the parking lot at Crawley Forum. Berkley was not there at that time so we waited in the parking lot. Immediately upon his arrival I got out of our car and handed him the envelope containing the forms which he placed on the seat of his car. At this point the forms had been delivered to him as he instructed.

When we arrived at the March 13 Charlotte mass meeting, Berkley announced that the 20 forms had not been delivered on time and the 20 prefilers would not be considered a delegates. Chuck Vilushis stood to disagree and was overruled by Berkley.

I heard of the mass slating that Frank Wagner pulled in Virginia Beach. That was bad enough. But at least those properly prefiled delegates got an up-or-down vote. In Charlotte County, Berkley never even allowed a vote.

Berkley has been endorsed by Congressman Robert Hurt. So far, the congressman has been silent on Berkley’s questionable handling of these Delegate Prefile Forms. On behalf of 20 Charlotte County folks who had properly prefiled and never even got a vote, I call upon Congressman Hurt to withdraw his endorsement of a power-hungry politician who would knowingly use such Chicago-style tactics in the pursuit of personal power.

Berkley’s questionable denial of the basic rights of uncommitted delegates is a blatant attack on not only the Tea Party, but on folks like me, the longtime conservative base of the Charlotte County Republican Party. Berkley’s campaign theme has been “unity.” Now we know; “unity” means we either vote for Berkley, or we don’t vote at all. See? It’s unanimous.

If Congressman Hurt continues to support Berkley after this possible vote suppression, Fifth District conservatives will have no choice but to conclude that Robert Hurt supports Jon Berkley’s declaration of war on them, and condones his possible illegal actions.

I don’t object to a fair fight within the rules. That’s democracy. Somebody wins, and somebody loses. But this smacks of Democrat-style, voter suppression. The 20 folks who were denied their due right to vote are appealing this travesty to the Fifth District GOP committee, in hopes the committee will do the right thing.

On February 17, old Reaganite Craig Shirley told Breitbart News that the Washington GOP – in its open assault on the Tea Party and GOP conservatives – “more resembles a crime family than a movement of ideas.” Has Jon Berkley proven himself to be part of a Progressive GOP family? Robert Hurt MUST withdraw his endorsement of Berkley, or his loyal supporters in the Fifth – like me and 20 others in Charlotte County – will have to conclude that we have been the victims of something that is not ethical to say the least.

We are asking for justice. We ask our freedom-loving Republican brethren across Virginia to call Congressman Hurt and ask for it as well. Withdraw your support from Jon Berkley and let Fifth District Republicans ALL vote to choose OUR OWN representatives. We don’t need Washington to tell us who to vote for. We just need them not to trample on our right to vote at all!

In God-given Liberty,

Hud Marston

Charlotte County Republican Party

Red State Virginia

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