Virginia Conservatives Thrown Overboard By National Republican Party

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // November 6, 2013   // Comments Off

Ken Cuccinelli

In this latest election there is all sorts of blame going around. So I’ll add in my own to the mix.

The Republican Party of Virginia

In their spite against a real conservative such as Ken and in frustration that their guys (Bill Bolling, et all) didn’t win they were working hard against the campaigns by NOT working hard. They saddled us with Voter Vault and Nation Builder (both crappy campaign systems) and refused to get any real ground game going. Most of the ground game was being run ad hoc by local people doing the best they could.

ALL staff and leadership at RPV should immediately be removed from their positions. They are in a word: worthless

The National Republican Party

The blame coming from the hacks like Chris Lacivita is that the money wasn’t coming in from the national party. This is true. Millions of dollars less for this race true in fact. But the real story is that the national party was once again NOT going to let a real tea party conservative win. So they feigned support. But follow the money. They were not supporting Ken. When there were NO other races of significance in the national party sent only a pittance.

Bob McDonnell & his Massive Tax Increase Scheme

Our crooked governor was embroiled in a scandal. And not only that but signed a huge tax increase (in the midst of a surplus) into law this year. People may have short memories but they were not forgetting the so called conservative Bob McDollar and his tax raising ways.

The people looked at this race and thought “why should I vote for a Republican, they are no different” and those people stayed home or voted third party.

The Shutdown Cave In by House Republicans

Similar to the problem above. Branding. The Republican party has no spine. People tied that to Ken and the other Republicans in the race.

The Hacks Ken Cuccinelli had working for him.

I said in the article linked above above that the biggest problem with Ken Cuccinelli wasn’t him. But those he had surrounded himself with. Hacks like Chris Lacivita and their ilk doing “business as usual” uninspired campaigning. Kens campaign literature was about “education” and such. Really? That’s the issue that people care about? Ken wasn’t allowed to run as Ken. Instead the opposition defined him. There are people now saying “see, we don’t want republicans that want to stick things up a womans vagina”. I don’t even remember Ken mentioning Abortion. The left wasn’t going to vote for him anyway. Why care what they think? Yet he didn’t run on the issue. he didn’t run on guns. he didn’t run on gay marraige. He didn’t run on polluting the air and water. But he was painted as extreme and never once defined WHO HE IS.

If you didn’t know it money comes with strings. You want the money? Hire this guy. and that guy, and this company. etc. The money then cycles back around and the good ole boy club keeps running.

Ken Cuccinelli is a great man. He wasn’t allowed to be that great man by his RPV and other handlers.

The Libertarian Who Wasn’t

Robert Sarvis wasn’t a Liberarian. He hurt the brand. And he pulled needed votes from a real conservative.

If Republicans were not so spineless I’d not be worried. we have a tied up Senate. A majority in the house. But this is the same bunch that gave us a tax increase.Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. It will take lots of hard pressure on them to keep them honest. I’m fine with deadlock. We didn’t have deadlock with Kaine, or Warner. So keep that pipe dream alive.

Traitors be warned. The people are getting more and more impatient with the ballot box.



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