VCDL: Are your gun rights worth one box of ammo?

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Is one box of ammo too high of a price for your gun rights?

Guns Save LivesMost of you do not know me.  My name is Collin O’Neill and I am the Interim Treasurer for VCDL and VCDL-PAC, posts I assumed after our previous Treasurer, and my dear friend, Kenneth “Mac” Elliot very sadly and unexpectedly passed away. That was four years ago, in November 2009.

In this election cycle anti-gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent nearly $3 million in slush money meddling in Virginia politics and attacking pro-gun candidates like Ken Cuccinelli.

How much did the VCDL-PAC have?  Good question.  The answer?  $30,000. Yes, for all your individual generosity, THAT was the best that we could do.

We are about to see a tsunami of gun control hit our state, the likes of which we have never seen before.  Anti-gun politicians now control the top two of three statewide offices as well as the Virginia Senate.  The Bloomberg-McAuliffe gun control agenda will be high on their priority list.  We are one mass shooting away from having New York style gun control rammed down our throats.

By the way, before you go running out to the gun show this weekend to buy a $1,200 AR-15 before they are banned, think about this:  New York State had a so called “assault weapons” ban identical to the Clinton Federal gun ban that expired in 2004.  But that wasn’t good enough for New York’s anti-gun leaders, Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo.  So in just two days they rammed through the most extreme gun control in the country. And there was no grandfather clause.  New York State residents were forced to surrender their “pre-ban” firearms and magazines for destruction or go to jail.

So, you can just sit there and do nothing and wait for Bloomberg and his puppet McAuliffe to send their goons to take your guns, or you can join me in the fight to protect the Second Amendment rights of your fellow Virginians.

The current price of a box of .45 cal ammo at Walmart is $25.  All I’m asking you to do is forgo one box of ammo and contribute $25 to the VCDL-PAC.  Just one box of ammo is all I’m asking for here.  Is one box of ammo too much to ask to protect your gun rights?

After you contribute $25 to the VCDL-PAC, print four copies of this e-mail and go to the local shooting range that you frequent.  Give the copies to four people.

If you and four other people contribute $25 each, that’s $125.  If 1,000 people getting this e-mail do this, we will raise $125,000.  If 2,000 people getting this e-mail do this, we’ll raise a quarter of a million dollars.  There are 26,000 subscribers to this list.  Imagine gun owners wielding 3.2 MILLION DOLLARS at election time!

If we can raise that kind of money, the Virginia House and Senate will be very hesitant to take on any gun control bills because they know we will be a force to reckon with come the General Assembly elections in two years.

Just $25, one box of ammo, that’s all I’m asking for.

Is one box of ammo too much to ask for your gun rights? Is the price of liberty worth one box of ammo?

To contribute via PayPal:

To contribute via mobipledge:

To send a check, make payable to: VCDL-PAC or VCDL Political Action Committee
Mail to: VCDL-PAC
P.O. Box 254
Garrisonville, VA. 22463

Paypal charges us 5%.  Mobipledge charges 7.5%.  Your check saves us valuable dollars in processing fees.  Please include the following information with your check:
Full name
Address (P.O. Boxes are acceptable)
Locality and State of Employment
The State Board of Elections requires that we collect this information with political contributions.

Contributions to political action committees are not deductible for FEDERAL tax purposes.  They may, however, be deductible on STATE taxes.  Consult your tax adviser.  No one at VCDL-PAC takes a salary and there are only very limited administration expenses.  Virtually every penny taken in goes directly into the fight to elect pro-gun candidates.

Thank you for your support.

Collin O’Neill
Treasurer, VCDL-PAC


Authorized by the Chairman, VCDL-PAC, VA 01-042
Paid for by the Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC
NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee
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