Libertarians Set Back The Brand With Sarvis

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // November 6, 2013   // Comments Off

SarvisThe latest election should be cause for concern for Libertarians. Once again their candidate had no shot in hell of winning. Got less than 10% of the vote. But that’s nothing new. This time the problem was that he was funded by Obama liberals and used to make sure Ken Cuccinelli wouldn’t win. People saw this. So in a time of rising anti-incumbency we had a chance to do some really successful third party stuff. Not now.

This will cause two things to happen:

1. People will unplug all together from the political process.

2. people will dig in and continue to participate in the false left vs right paradigm.

Good job Libertarian Party of Virginia. You didn’t properly check into your candidates background and YOU WERE USED to subvert a very good ticket of Republicans. Not to say the RPV didn’t blow it. That’s for my next post.

Sarvis was the antithesis of Libertarian. And yet the Libertarian party wanted so bad to have a candidate and make a name for themselves that they served up a steaming pile of dog crap to us and called it gourmet. Isn’t that what the Republicans have been doing for years? Good Job! Keep up the work of marginalizing yourselves. Keep spouting your dreams of a utopian voluntarism society, that’s all they will ever be, dreams.

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