Virginia’s Pending Disaster aka Terry McAuliffe

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As I write this post, the GOP candidate for Governor of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli is 9.7 points behind Terry McAuliffe according to Real Clear Politics, which averaged out the results of six other state wide polls.  To say that a Governor McAuliffe would be a disaster for Virginia is an understatement.

There are a lot of things wrong with McAuliffe, to include him having zero experience in elected office, his anti-second amendment stance and his far left views about how Virginia should be governed.  Oh, and his apparent disdain for women named Mrs. McAuliffe as outlined in his book, in which he, in his own words, tells the story of leaving his wife twice, once during child birth and again while bringing their next child home from the hospital so that he could attend a democrat fundraiser.  His abuse of his wife is sure to make a former president named Clinton proud.

While Cuccinelli has not run the best of campaigns, it is the blatant lies coming from the McAuliffe campaign and his supporters that should bother all Virginian’s as he is poised to become our next governor.  While it is the lies the makes McAuliffe a bad person and no doubt a horrible governor, a perfect Democrat he certainly is.  But this comes as no surprise considering he learned from the best, the lefts biggest liar not named Barak Obama, William Jefferson Clinton.

Almost every single commercial coming from, or in support of McAuliffe has been rife with lies, or untruths, or misleading statements, whatever the proper vernacular is today according to the left.  Take his most recent add on guns.  It claims that Cuccinelli is against background checks at gun shows and in favor of the so called “gun show loophole.”  The ad goes on to misrepresent the facts by insinuating that anybody can purchase a firearm at a gun show without first having a background check.  This is a blatant lie as anybody who has ever been to a gun show in Virginia knows.  Yes Virginia, there are background checks performed on ALL buyers of firearms at ALL gun shows in Virginia.  It is ignorant to think otherwise, or in the case of Terry McAuliffe, an outright lie.  (McAuliffe also wants to ban “assault weapons” and recently cited the Navy Yard shooing as an example of why this is needed.  Note to Terry, the shooter used a shotgun, not an “assault rifle.”  Apparently he got the idea for the shotgun from some guy named Biden.)

In addition to the gun show background check lie that the left loves to throw out in the hopes that it will finally stick, it is also a verifiable lie that Ken Cuccinelli wants to ban birth control, ban divorce, ban all abortions and involve himself in the private lives of each and every Virginian.  All of these lies and more have appeared in ads in support of McAuliffe.  But when you are a Democrat running for Governor of Virginia, the senate, the presidency or the local dog catcher, why worry about being factually accurate.

Here are some facts to hang your hat on:

  • Terry McAuliffe wants to bring an assault weapons ban to Virginia as well as limit the number of guns that can be purchased by law abiding citizens to one a month and place limits on a firearms magazine ammunition capacity.
  • Terry McAuliffe supports zero limits on abortion, to include late term abortion.
  • Terry McAuliffe supports the debacle and job killer known as Obamacare and would work to fully implement it in Virginia.
  • Terry McAuliffe supports increased spending paid for by an increase in taxes on Virginians.
  • Terry McAuliffe has been endorsed by Hillary Clinton.  (This fact alone should send Virginia voters running to the poles to cast a vote for Cuccenelli.)

In short, Terry McAuliffe is a typical big government lying progressive who wants to bring the lefts typical big government progressive agenda to Virginia, and if that means leaving his crying wife and newborn child in the car to attend a fundraiser or lie ad nauseam about his opponent, then I guess the ends do justify the means.


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