Virginia’s MOST Conservative Republican Ticket Ever

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In the wake of the largest republican tax increase in Virginia’s history followed by another huge budget surplus, we find ourselves in a unique position. and a hard one. With Cuccinelli, Jackson, and Obenshain, we have 3 of the most conservative legislators that have EVER been put on one ticket in Virginia.

The problem is that the Republican party has sullied it’s good name and reputation making it hard to get people excited. They have been pissing down our backs and calling it rain for so many years that many real conservatives have either decided to stay home or are refusing to work for the candidates. I’ve myself noticed people that think like me thinking about voting for the Libertarian; Robert Sarvis.  

The RPV and the GOP are fine with this. They don’t want ” tree of liberty, constitutional, pro life, pro family, pro liberty, Jeffersonian” conservatism in the party. They are fine with us leaving and fine with loosing. Those like Bill Bolling can crawl out from under their rocks and say “See, the people don’t want you extremist types here” or some other such drivel.

Cuccinelli has long been a tea party candidate. He is Pro Family. Pro Life. He has fought Obamacare all the way to the supreme court. Lost, but that’s more the fault of a court populated by imbeciles. If you are a second amendment supporter you’ll not get a more solid defender of your gun rights than Ken Cuccinelli. I can guarantee you that if you didn’t like Tim Kaine you will hate Terry McAwful (yes I know that’s not how you spell his name, but it fits).

Jackson is a strong family candidate that understands the issue of Life. As LG he will be the tie breaking vote should we keep our 50/50 split in the VA Senate. Another favored candidate of the Tea Party, Bishop E.W. Jackson understands the concept of Liberty and the Constitution.

Obenshain has a strong conservative voting record in his time as a Virginia legislator. Following of Ken Cuccinelli will be a hard act to follow. But I’ve no doubt that Mark Obenshain will fight for our rights and push back the federal stooges that are attempting to steal them from us.

The problem we face as conservatives right now is not the candidates. But the Republican Party of Virginia. The only people with Grass Roots campaigns are Jackson and Obenshain. Reason: Because Ken Cuccinelli by way of RPV has been surrounded and is being managed by stooges and imbeciles. An insult to stooges and imbeciles to be sure. If Ken Cuccinelli wants to win he needs to seriously re-evaluate his staff choices and be the man we all know him to be, on and off the campaign trail.

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