Susan Stimpson – Angry Soccer Mom?

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // May 16, 2013   // Comments Off

Susan Stimpson

A perfect response to the absurd juvenile politics we’ve been seeing lately. Susan is a class act. Received via email:


In an email you may have received, I was just accused of being an “Angry Soccer Mom” by a long time Republican politician and former member of the General Assembly.


Because I have shown my “disdain” for a $6 billion tax increase passed this year by Republicans.


I guess I will plead guilty.

I am a mom. My kids did play soccer. And I have A LOT of disdain for the $6 billion tax increase.

Convicted on all counts. Just STOP raising taxes.

But the politician had even more advice for me.

He said I need to “grow and mature”.

Apparently being “mature” is a code word for pushing huge tax increases and doing what you are told.

I am angry at politicians who surrender our principles and break their promises. I want leaders like Ken Cuccinelli who will defend principles not ignore them.

And if you want to know why old white male Republicans are losing elections there isn’t a better example than these comments like this former Delegate. They are just out of touch.

I used to describe myself as, “Pro-life, Pro-Gun and Anti-Tax”.  Now I will happily add “Angry Soccer Mom”.


Susan Stimpson

PS: I look forward to seeing you at the convention this Saturday.

Kurt Feigel

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