Law Enforcement That Doesn’t Trample Liberty

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // April 26, 2013   // Comments Off

swatRecently in Lynchburg we had a “lockdown” situation that involved 2 “suspicious” men. No guns. No robbery. No immediate crime. But this was enough to call all cars, Swat, The FBI, The ATF, State Police, and air support. An absurd overreaction. They put the area and several businesses in lockdown. 24 – 48 hrs later they are saying it was voluntary but I would argue that with guys in full tactical gear roaming the streets it would imply it wasn’t voluntary. ┬áSeveral streets were closed. Heritage Baptist, a large church in Lynchburg canceled its services. And they didn’t even get the guys they were looking for.

Not surprising. They didn’t enlist the community but instead treated us like children. If they had utilized the emergency broadcast system for these “suspicious” men maybe they could have caught them. Instead we were told they were armed, that they had forged checks, that they had robbed a jewelry store, and a host of other untrue statements the police justified tyranny.

“What are we supposed to do?” the police asked. I have a solution.

We have successful volunteer fire all across the commonwealth. Why is it we don’t have volunteer law enforcement? Typically I’ve found, in trying to implement this locally, that the local Sheriff doesn’t want it. He wouldn’t be able to wring his hands and beg for more money if he was getting free help. If the citizens were empowered and not treated as invalids there would be a better police┬ápresence. More citizens would take it as their duty to keep crime low, and it would be lower.

The local Sheriff has this authority. He can have “assistants” for each deputy. They could have their own uniform and under VA law could open carry. There would be training that would be required. And while getting this program off the ground his new “assistants” wouldn’t have arrest powers. But they wouldn’t need them if they were riding along with a deputy that did have these powers.

Americans better wake up. You CAN NOT trade liberty for security. They better understand that you must take it upon yourself to provide for your own security. Failure to do so will invite an every growing tyrannical state. One that our founders fought so hard to avoid and that our officials seem hell bent on raising up.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Kurt Feigel

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