Sick Of So Called Republicans?

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // February 13, 2013   // Comments Off

Are you sick of weak knee squish Republicans? I am. In virginia this year we’ve seen a massive display of cowardice from the Virginia GOP. It’s not universal. I don’t want you to think that they are all worthless. There are a few I think have done good. Ben Cline, Tom Garrett, Steve Newman, and a couple others did right by us, but as the saying goes ” a few bad apples spoil the bunch ”

I won’t bother you with Bill numbers. Those that care have made it known how they feel on the many good and bad bills before the general assembly.

The big issue before us now is killing Obamacare. Instead of doing this the republicans decided to work to expand medicare? I’m sure you’ve heard the absurdity before. 1. Begin hand wringing 2. insert lame excuse: “but the federal government…” 3.insert bad vote.

This is not OK.

WE THE PEOPLE did not vote for expanded medicare, higher taxes, bigger government, and cowardice. We want bold leadership. We want lower taxes. We want the state empowered to fight the FEDS. This isn’t what we are getting.

On the gun issues: I will say the Republicans did a good job of holding the line. But when it came time to expand our liberty and defend us from the federal tyrants, they flinched and hid in the corner with “they would cut our funding” as an excuse. Pathetic.

On Transportation we face another “crisis” that requires we raise taxes…yeah, that’s right. the genius idea of our REPUBLICAN governor and many others that call themselves Republican is to raise taxes. Throw up in my mouth!!!!

So these new castrati as Rush Limbaugh calls them are the new norm as Republicans in VA? We are destined to loose if this continues.

one prominent republican chairman wrote recently on facebook:

So the Supreme Court, even while upholding ObamaCare, said the feds cannot force the states to implement the massive medicaid expansions mandated by ObamaCare. So what does Governor McDonnell and the principled conservative GOP leadership in Virginia do in response to the Court freeing us from the expansion? They voluntarily submit to the ObamaCare expansion. VAGOP is statist trash, and if you wanna be free its time to move away from Virginia to a state that has leaders who understand- and care about- Liberty. A big thank you to Steve Newman for standing up publicly against this abuse of power and massive expansion of government by his fellow Republicans…… Clearly its time for conservatives to run independents in the general elections to make these worthless republicans lose. Hey, if Bill Bolling can do it, so can we!!!

We are heading towards a revolution in this nation. And Republicans are playing the fiddle while rome burns, instead of putting out the fire. This needs to stop!

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