Republicans Raising Taxes…Again

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // February 3, 2013   // Comments Off

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Every year at this time it seems we are writing about the same mess. That we have a transportation “crisis” and raising taxes is the only way to deal with it. Because heaven knows we can’t cut spending anywhere. Especially from the bloated education lobby. And certainly not when it comes to funding federal mandates.

No the solution our braintrust Republicans keep coming up with is to keep things the same and kick the can. This years plan would eliminate the gas tax and implement a small increase to the sales tax. Small today that is, .8% as of this writing. But how would that impact many of the cities that have meals taxes? Such as Lynchburg, VA who’s residents already pay 11.5% when eating at Chick Fil A or anywhere else for that matter. With this increase we would be paying 12.3% tax on food. A $10 meal would have $1.23 added to it, guess that tip is going to get smaller for the servers in our town.

This is obscene on so many levels. It’s usury and what makes it more painful is that it’s endorsed by Republicans. They think they can have their cake and eat it too. To cut taxes, and raise them too. Pathetic.

Is it any wonder that the Republican party is loosing support so quickly? It’s being run by a bunch of Squish politicians like Bill Bolling and Bob McDonnell…right into the ground.

While many stupid voters as well as their delegates or senators might fall for this scheme I won’t. They may get this tax “cut” today. But I can guarentee that they will add it back in years to come. And will sacrifice conservative principles in the process and they will keep loosing races.

Contact your reps today and demand they vote NO on this plan.

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