Defeating Agenda 21 – Action Needed – Make Calls Now

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Recently a new piece of Agenda 21 was moved forward in Virginia. This legislation must be stopped. Please examine the issue. If you read this rebuttal you will do more than your representatives that voted for it did when they fast tracked it’s passage. The fight is not over. The bill must be read on the floor before being voted for final passage. There is still time to kill it. Giving the DEQ (the state variant of the EPA) more power and authority is never a good idea. Read on:


House Bill 2048 (Sherwood)

∙ This is an Administration bill that would consolidate water quality permitting and planning programs at the Department of Environmental Quality.

Separations of power are essential to preserving the rights and freedoms of individuals from those who would seek to consolidate that power for their own gain. Such separations are the only barrier between a free nation and despotism. The same holds true here. Combining all permitting and planning programs at the DEQ breaks down the protections for citizens inherently found in maintaining those programs under another agency, the sole focus of which is not maximum regulation.

∙ As amended, this bill WILL NOT affect oversight of the Soil & Water Conservation Districts or staffing of the Soil and Water Conservation Board which would remain with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Nutrient management planning, Resource management planning and administration of the agriculture cost­share program would remain with DCR and the Soil & Water Conservation Board.
Why is management of these nutrient trading programs being sent to DEQ when the nutrient management planning portion is already at DCR as set out in § 10.1­104.2.?

Read the Entire Rebuttal

Read the Bill progress and who voted for or against it. 

Contact Your Legislator and demand they KILL this bill

As of this writing in the lynchburg area:

Delegates: Kathy Byron,T Scott Garrett, Matthew Farriss, have voted in favor of this bill.

Senators:  Steve Newman and Tom Garrett have voted against it.

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