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If you believe in the second amendment and are a Virginia resident then you need to seriously consider joining the VCDL.

From VCDL:

This last week was probably the busiest I’ve seen in a very long while, if ever.  The media continues to promote anti-gun hysteria while emotions are high and logic is low.  I have been getting over 400 non-spam emails a day and there are 3 huge updates full of information and press coverage that is going to be coming out in short succession.

A few quick thoughts:

* I am getting more confident that we are going to come out of this with little or no damage (or even with more rights restored) IF WE CONTINUE TO ALL DO OUR PART.  We need to speak in volume (all of us in unison) and speak firmly.  Be it with protests in front of the offices of Virginia legislators who have sold us out, to getting the word out in the media.

* I nominate Senator Dianne Feinstein as “Assault Weapon Salesperson of the year!”  In fact, she achieved her goal of completely stopping their sales – there aren’t any “assault weapons” to be found in stores anywhere!  😉  Gun shows are being stripped bare, as are many gun stores.  Brand new gun owners are being added to our ranks in strong numbers.  40% of the “assault weapons” sold in one gun store went to senior citizens and to WOMEN!

* There was a protest against guns outside the NOVA Firearms store in Falls Church today.  The antis had a massive turnout of 6 people! 😉  There were more members of the media there than protesters.  Meanwhile the store was busier that ever!

*The anti-liberty media is lying to everyone, trying to make the world believe that gun-control is what Americans want.  But everywhere I turn, I see that is not the case.  The antis have nothing going for them.  In fact, I think the anti-liberty media is losing the battle!  Every day that passes that we stand unified, their goal slips further through their fingers.  This is really a battle not only for guns, but for the Constitution and the soul of America itself!

* Surprise, surprise, surprise!  The Connecticut murderer was on psychotropic drugs!  Who would have thought so, other than the fact that virtually all the other mass murders were on such drugs?  But, no, it couldn’t be drugs that cause this kind of horrendous behavior.  Nah, just a coincidence, surely.  (“The Antipsychotic Prescribed To Adam Lanza Has A Troubled History All Its Own”

* A few of the anti-liberty Democrats are talking in the media about confiscation.  That is the ultimate goal.  We have nothing to gain by giving up ANY ground whatsoever.  They’ll have to fight for every millimeter.  The media wants us to get demoralized and to give up and walk away.  WE WILL NEVER DO EITHER.


VCDL is not going to give up ANY GROUND, not on sales of semi-automatic rifles, magazines, handguns, background checks, NOTHING.  In fact, we are now going to push back even harder than ever.  We need to get guns into schools – in the hands of concealed handgun permit holders, including teachers, administration, or anyone else who has such a permit.  The antis had their chance with their “gun-free zones” and they have FAILED.  Now it is our turn.  We are tired of the high body-counts in gun-free zones – every one of them MUST GO!

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