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For those that don’t know this the Second Amendment to the US Constitution says:

“A Well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed”

Apparently some of our representatives like Mark Warner and His Infernal Majesty Barack Obama, don’t understand the concept of treason. They took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Yet they are themselves those enemies…seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Our own senator Warner is showing his treasonous stripes. In a recent interview he said:

“…I think most of us, realize that there are ways to get to rational gun control. There are ways to grapple with the obvious challenges of mental illness. And the idea that we can just kind of ignore this issue — I join with the President, and I think reasonable folks in both parties, and, I think, the overwhelming majority of Americans who are gun owners, who believe that we’ve got to put stricter rules on the books.”

Warner says that you are “unreasonable” if you don’t support his draconian view that only he and his family should have guns protecting him. Funny too that the “majority of Americans who are gun owners, who believe we’ve got to put stricter rules on the books”, considering that guns are flying off the shelves I think he is exaggerating a bit. Why do people in DC get dumber the longer they are up there ?

The inability of people like warners slavish followers to understand the second amendment is mind blowing. or is it?  It wasn’t written so we can hunt, or compete with our guns. It was written so we can defend our Life,Property, and Liberty from tyrants. Could it be that they really know this and are using the death of 20 kids for their political games…yes it could!

The Obama Administration was running guns into mexico and thousands of people have died including our own border patrol agents. Yet nobody on the left cares about that.

So why all the concern? because some kids were murdered. This is a terrible thing indeed. Yet instead of blaming the shooter Adam Lanza, the left is blaming the other 80 million gun owners. We are supposed to feel guilty because we happen to own one of these “big scary looking rifles” that he supposedly used (I’ve yet to see a clear report that he even used the rifle).  Well I don’t. You can cower in the corner in fear of the media idiots and moronic politicians that would point the finger at you if you want to.

Every day drunk drivers get behind the wheel of a car and kill someone. Alcohol and Cars mixed together kill thousands every year. Yet we don’t hear talk about banning cars. And we tried banning alcohol years back and that didn’t work out so well did it? All it did was create the mafia.

In fact last time I checked we have laws against Drugs and Prostitution yet that doesn’t stop our politicians from taking advantage of both..or others in our society either.

Banning guns will not stop mass murder. 9/11, Oklahoma City, and many other times in our nations history many more people were killed by one man or a few with a plan. No guns were even used in many of these attacks.

When my tyrannical government gets rid of ALL their guns, and all the nations of the world destroy all implements of agression, they can lecture me about getting rid of mine. Till then, they need to shut up!

The 2A wasn’t written to “give” me any rights. It wasn’t about muskets, or hunting, or anything of the sort. The 2A was a reminder to government,lest they forget(as they clearly have), that they are on a very short leash and my rights are UnALienAble and God given. It was about my right to defend my life,liberty,and property, yes from bad guys…but mostly from the worst guys…THEM!!!

The frustrating thing as a gun owner about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary (other than the left politicizing this) is that it might have never happened IF guns were allowed on campus. Mass Shooters like Adam Lanza are cowards and 100% of the time they pick easy targets. Ones where they know innocents are unarmed. Even in Virginia despite the fact that I’ve had more training than most police officers, I’m not allowed to carry on school property. Even my kids private school.

I’ll not apologize for taking responsibility for my safety nor my stance on Liberty. I’m not just pro-gun, I’m pro Liberty. The left isn’t. For all their talk about choice, what they really mean is “our choices for you, so long as those choices include, abortion,gay marriage,no guns,taxes, and spending”.

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