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Neither phrases from the most gifted poet nor expressions from the greatest of orators can adequately describe the grief or quantify the loss in Newtown, CT. For us unacquainted with trauma of such magnitude, we can only imagine our children or grandchildren at a similar age being removed from our world so quickly. Just a momentary consideration of a permanent absence of our own progeny’s smile, hugs, and innocence brings a flood of sorrow and tears that express the heartbreak of our imagination to Newtown’s reality.

“Why?” is important for an investigator. “Why?” may be helpful to families and the community for closure. But an answer to the “why?” from political grandstanders, who “do not want a crisis to go to waste” or self-identified “smarter than the masses” elites whose condescending arrogance drips with emotional platitudes void of substance, should be immediately condemned and thoroughly ignored.

“Let’s blame the guns, their makers, the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment,” but not the one who pulled the trigger. “He’s a victim. Everyone’s a victim. No one is personally responsible.” Wrong! Guns did not kill twenty children and six adults, one deranged 20 year-old using guns did.

School carnages of similar magnitude have been perpetrated by fire and dynamite. Did observers blame the Chinese or the caveman then? Would the media pundits of today blame explosives or Cro-Magnons? Every time – because it is every time. Blaming inanimate objects for death and destruction removes the culprit of these heinous occurrences. Responsibility for these disasters must be shared by America’s political, judicial, spiritual, and educational progressives who have methodically and purposefully removed the Supreme Authority’s standard.

Heroic men and women who respect the sanctity of life, honor, decency, and truth have been vilified by elites demanding that “evolutionary animals,” pursue a survival of the fittest routine; societal absolutes defined by our Creator but now eliminated for selfishly motivated activities and actions.Great forethought was given by progressives who sowed these seeds of atheistic hedonism; control of the masses is supremely enticing.

But in spite of the herding attempts of governmental decrees, certain minions resist – unable or unwilling to be corralled. The Newtown murderer was one such rebel, unable to determine right from wrong since biblical absolutes had to be eradicated for their “psychological damage.”

But government decrees are incapable of providing answers. If Divine Providence does not exist, can there be a definition of evil? Who sets evil’s standard – government or individual? If the mass murderer in Newtown believed, like his mother, that chaos would soon envelope the world, then his instantaneous removal of these children should be praised for the long term suffering he eliminated.Since progressives have removed the absolutes of Divine Providence, then His standards cannot be used to define the Sandy Hook tragedy as evil. In the killer’s distorted mind, his actions may not have been immoral since puritanical absolutes have been discarded as archaic by the enlightened elites who have legislated, perpetrated, and educated our “whatever” culture.

There is an answer to the “why” question but the inquiry must be directed at those who will answer without deflecting or excuse making. The answer is sin; sin unleashed by leaders and legislators who ignore historical precedents and believe that man is by nature good. Removing timeless societal standards that value life, decency, honor, and truthfulness have and will never work. Redefining depravity in the name of personal freedom is a curse that has and will continue to internally destroy every great society.

America will not be the one historical exception. Either those of us who believe in absolute standards will again stand up, speak out, and reclaim this nation or the American society that we envision passing on to the next generation will be lost forever.

Travis Witt

Moneta, VA

Kurt Feigel

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