When bullets ring out

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Imagine for a moment that your life is about to change in a dramatic way. Imagine that in a few moments you are going to hear a gunshot ring out, and when it does it will penetrate every inch of your being. In that instant you will know, things have changed, and they will never be the same again.

That is a moment I recently had while out training with some friends in the skilled use of arms. I was in the middle of debating who turns right and who turns left in a close quarters high risk entry exercise, when all of a sudden we all heard an unplanned shot ring out. Needless to say, we were all immediately worried it was not a negligent discharge, but possibly one of our team members being shot down the road from us.

The instant response to this kind of shocking news was different for each of us. Some of us just immediately ran down the way to see what had happened. Others immediately locked and loaded our rifles in anticipation of a coming fight.

It is hard to describe what was going on in my head at that moment, accept, “Ok keep moving toward the problem, load your mag, rack a round, keep your muzzle under control, keep on moving, look around you, do you see movement? Check behind you, keep moving, keep calm.”

The drug factory that is the human body immediately begins pumping out chemicals telling your eyes to stay open, your breathing to change, and your heart rate to react. Your nerves immediately begin to react, and all you can think is. Dont freeze up, it’s time to act, don’t be a fool, every movement counts, every second counts, smooth is fast.

It is not like being in a competition. I have no idea if it is like being in combat, as I have never had that experience. Although I have been in some very tense situations in my lifetime, in fact some I would assume most people have never experienced. I can only have respect for veterans of combat after this experience, as they must live with a similar rush of fear and anticipation for long periods.

So my question to the reader is. What are you doing to prepare yourself if this country tumbles into an economic collapse? During the depression the population did not have a federal nanny. How long do you think order and civility would last if the dollar collapsed and created bad inflation? When EBT cards stopped working to buy fod, how long do you think one would have before widespread violence is seen at the supermarkets? Have you watched videos from black friday shopping deals recently? You might consider it, and then factor in hunger, anger, and desperation.

What would you do right now if you heard a bullet ring out and you knew it was the beginning of a long dark slide into the third world, or at least very hard times?

When the politicians fail, and the debt mounts up, and the lawmakers continue to take your rights away, where are you going to turn to defend your liberty and your property?

If you don’t get that figured out now, you might find yourself in a situation you are unprepared for on a day that is not as far off as you might imagine.

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