Virginia to Purge Voter Rolls of the Dead – Democrats to Sue

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Dateline: RICHMOND

From a Story in the Virginian-Pilot Online today by Julian Walker:


“Local election officials around Virginia are in the process of purging 10,000 dead people from the state’s voter rolls as a result of an analysis of federal death records.

The Virginia State Board of Elections announced those plans Thursday, explaining that officials have checked about 15 million of the 60 million available records against the state voter list in search of matches.

So far, about 10,000 deceased voters have been found, according to a news release from the agency.”


 The Obama campaign and the George Soros funded “Voter Participation Project”, who has taken heat from the Romney campaign over alleged attempts to register, children, pets, illegal aliens, and the dead are both mounting law suits over this action.

A spokesperson from the Obama campaign who wishes to remain anonymous said, “This is yet another Republican attempt to take away the rights of people and suppress voter turnout in November. Republicans know that the dead are the largest and most reliable voting block that we have, and we will stand with the dead and defend their right to vote Democrat. Republicans will not get away with this attack on their rights.”

Editors note: The assertions of Democrats have been proven correct in virtually every instance. Dead voters are the most reliable block of Democrat voters; 100 percent of the voting dead, vote Democrat.


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