Release: 5th District Republican Chairman Bill Stanley Comments on John Douglass’s Behavior

Posted by Kurt Feigel   // August 27, 2012   // Comments Off

Press Release

Glade Hill VA, 25 August 2012: “The bullying tactics recently displayed by John Douglass are unacceptable. As a public figure, we come to expect that we will come under more scrutiny than private citizens. It is incumbent upon us to handle ourselves with class and dignity if we wish to have the honor of representing our fellow citizens in government. Mr. Douglass showed neither class nor dignity when he decided to single out a young man trying to do his job. I call for John Douglass to apologize immediately to the young staffer that he so aggressively lashed out against. A public forum is just that, public. And for him to have acted in the way he did is despicable and frankly, calls into question his judgment. If he cannot handle the pressures of being filmed, how can we expect him to handle the pressures of representing the state’s largest congressional district in Washington. ”

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