The Glorious Fourth – 2012

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It is with heavy hearts that we celebrated “The Glorious Fourth” this year, as our very nation and its
system of just laws are under an all-out frontal assault by those we have chosen to represent us. Will
the true America survive? Will we descend further into democratic socialism with no hope of ever
returning to our founding principles? That really depends upon the spirit of the American people.

Contrary to the statement of our highest elected official, America is, and was founded as a Christian
nation. The lofty, virtuous principles set forth in the Holy Scriptures that follow faith in the divine Savior
have firmly established us as a free and prosperous nation. As Noah Webster, author of the American
Dictionary of the English Language, and considered by many to be the founder of American Education
stated, “No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any
government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”

Like the frog in in pan of warm water, we as a people have not noticed that subverts have been steadily
turning up the heat. We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down to an appalling degree. We have
willingly amused (the complete opposite of “to think”) ourselves into oblivion. We have so drifted from
our moral moorings into relativism that we are now ripe for Soviet style dictatorship. America, is this
really what we want? Are we like the thoughtless crowd crying, “We have no king but Caesar?”

Any refounding of this great country must begin with the American people. We must reeducate
ourselves on “…the distinction between arbitrary government and a government of laws founded on
free elections”, Noah Webster. We were NOT founded as a democracy (root word for democrat),
but rather, as a Constitutional Republic. Sadly, because we have so neglected our duty to participate
in our own governance we have left a vacuum for all manner of evil to infiltrate. We now have the
government we deserve – a soft tyranny, soon to become a hard tyranny. With this latest Supreme
Court decision, the rings are firmly in the noses of the soon to be serfs.

In addition to removing ourselves from the mind numbing influences of our culture and beginning again
to think for ourselves, we must return to our Creator. Our sins are as scarlet. We are corrupt from the
top of the head to the sole of the foot. We have forgotten that God expects us to use the gifts He has
given us to work for a living and to serve others, and have relegated ourselves to a groveling welfare
state. We daily commit the barbarism of offering our own precious children to the fires of Molech. We
commit and embrace the sin, and yes, it is the sin, of Sodom. At the heart of all of these gross sins, and
many others flowing from these is our forsaking of our God. “For my people have committed two evils;
they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns,

that can hold no water.”, Jeremiah 2:13. Like the French, who thought they could erect a utopian
society without God, we are dangerously close to the anarchy that must surely result from having no
moral anchor. How can any nation expect to survive who so arrogantly displays such contempt for
the only One who can deliver us from evil?

America is at the crossroads. Will we return to the old paths, the good way, or will we blindly follow
capricious leaders into the abyss of Marxism? These evil, Orwellian shape shifters can call it what
they want, but Marxism is at the heart of “Progressivism”.

I propose that we call all true liberty loving Patriots out of slumber and into action. We have a very
short, precious window of time in which to save our country. We must plead with the Almighty to
spare us from certain doom and to restore us to free governance. We must perform our duty as free
citizens and vote these traitors out of office. Whatever it takes to mobilize the moral majority into
action is what we must be willing to do. Do we have the courage to do so? Are we going to let the
blood spilled by our forefathers and the courageous defenders of liberty throughout our history to be
shed in vain? Can we look the few remaining World War II veterans in the eye and say, “It was all
for naught”?

I close this candid treatise with the words of our National Anthem. I ask, “Oh say does that star
spangled banner yet wave?” America, what will you chose this November? America, it is up to you.

Carol S
Lynchburg, VA

Red State Virginia

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