The Declaration Of Independence In Our Soundbite Culture.

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Many of us were celebrating the Fourth of July yesterday with family, friends and fireworks. Too often in our celebration of the day we lose track of what was at stake on that Fourth of July in 1776. We mistake that day as the day we were free from the King’s rule. I was taught in the 6thgrade that this document was a declaration of war. This, I learned later was mistaken, for the King had sent troops to America in order to quell the rebellion and battles had raged at Concord Green, Lexington Bridge and Bunker Hill.

The Declaration of Independence was a document that proclaimed to the world what lay in the hearts of men. However, we had to stay the course and earn our freedom. It took eight years and many hardships for us to finally be free to establish a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

56 men signed that document over the course of the next few weeks. Only John Hancock and the scribe of the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth. The representatives of the colonists who gathered together to finalize the document put at stake their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to make the Declaration.

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most significance documents in human history. It established the foundation of a people with their relationship with the laws of nature and nature’s God and the blessings that Providence has bestowed upon this land.

Unfortunately in our 15-second sound-bite bubble society we live in, the premise of the declaration is lost through the God-defying governmental education system. Last year, President Obama recited the second paragraph of the Declaration as “All men are created equal, endowed to certain inalienable rights…”. When challenged on dropping the “their Creator” from his recitation, the president’s spokespeople stated he “misspoke”. What was not reported however was that he misspoke no less than five separate times!

This is emblematic of the issue we face in our country today. Those who seek immigration into our country through the legal means know more about the founding documents than many Americans do. With the government trying to move God out of our educational system, trying to deny His Providence with the founding of this country and His guiding light to serve as a lamp upon our path, our future as the beacon for freedom throughout the world is in peril.

The Foundation for America is endeavoring to change that. With our program, America: 911 we are educating Americans of the history that is being failed to be taught. It is amazing how much history our neighbors do not know. As Karl Marx once lectured “If you wish to change a country’s future, you must change its past and this is done so by altering the heritage that is taught”.

We must return to the foundations this country was founded on. We would like to have you host a presentation of America: 911. Invite your neighbors and friends. Those who need to hear the message- those who are willing to step forward to preserve this, the last best hope for men on earth.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Pro.14:34) Brad & Travis alert us to the signs of the times, and get us to think practically of how each of us can help bring righteousness and justice to our country. They speak to the heart as well as the mind and I believe this presentation will be of benefit to every American.

Lee Copeland

At a time when our Country is on the verge of complete collapse, morally and financially, Foundation for America is sounding the warning bugle call with their “America 911″ project and motivating people to take action. Brad Archer’s lesson on Socialism and how it is destroying our Country from the inside by undermining our freedoms one by one, is truly eye opening. Travis Witt in turn proved once and for all that our Nation is a Christian Nation in it’s conception, and pointed out how many of our failings as a Nation can be traced back to our God-Defying society. This program will certainly be life-altering for anyone who sees it.

For God and Country,
Daniel Bradshaw
Chairman, Prince Edward County Republican Committee

Please visit our website at for more information.

Blessings in Liberty

Bradford Archer
Travis Witt

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