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 Last weekend in Abingdon, Susan Allen said this, “Grassroots efforts are what is going to win this election. When you talk to your neighbor, it’s going to be 10 times more powerful than what comes over the airwaves.

She is right; Tea Party activists working for Radtke, Marshall, and Jackson know this first hand.

So why is George Allen ignoring the best resource he has to win the November election?

Why isn’t he embracing Tea Party Value Voters so he can get our grassroots ground game to support him as he moves forward toward November?

Tea Party leaders across the common wealth are in agreement that George Allen is going to have to earn our support, and time is of the essence.

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch Jamie Radtke met with George Allen last weekend, and reportedly told him that he would have to embrace a fiscal plan to reduce the deficit, at least in the short term.

I submit that short term solutions are not going to be sufficient to win the support of the majority of Tea Party members across the state. The goals of the Tea Party have always been focused on long term changes to eliminate deficit spending, balance the budget, pay down our debt, and reduce the federal government to Constitutional levels.

If George Allen is to get the support of the army of Tea Party grassroots activists that he needs to win this November, he is going to have to do a lot more that spout 20 year old rhetoric.

George Allen must publicly and consistently campaign on a conservative platform that we can hold him accountable for, just in case he does not turn out to be that “Great Conservative” we all know he is.

We don’t need a pledge; pledges are worthless words, even if written down and signed. They can only be used if the candidate does what you did not want them to do in the first place, and then only if the media wishes to make a big deal of the indiscretion.

What we require for our support is simple; George Allen must publicly campaign on real conservative principles not establishment rhetoric, so that there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he must support these principles or face the end of his political career; a tough thing to do for a man who had, and may still have presidential aspirations.

We need to know that he will work to eliminate (not just reduce) deficit spending, balance the budget and pass a balanced budget amendment, and work diligently to reduce the federal government to Constitutional levels, not just suspend some programs until the economy gets better and we can once again continue to grow government.

 Big government is a Progressive goal, and it lives on both sides of the isle. Republicans like Allen think growing government is a good thing, as long as it grows slowly.

 Allen seems to believe as many Progressive Republicans do, that big government is okay as long as we have the revenue to support it. Perhaps Allen should refer to the Creed of the Republican Party of Virginia, specifically articles three and four which state:

“That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government…”


“That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations…”

Constitutional limitations are where the Tea Party and the candidate probably remain divided, but if George Allen cannot embrace the principals of limited government under the Constitution, than he will never gain the support of Tea Party Value Voters.

 We must eliminate all of the offices, agencies, and departments in the Federal government for which there is no Constitutional authority.  If we do this then we can also get spending under control, and restore our lost liberties. If we don’t, we have two or three years before we end up like Greece.

So what’s it going to be George? Are you going to go it alone so that you never have to answer to the people you represent, and risk losing to Kaine in November? Or are you going to embrace true conservatism and gain the respect of those grassroots organizers who can insure that you win?

It’s up to you, we are no longer going to compromise our values and principles for the establishment.

Until you decide to support Tea Party Voter’s values, Tea Party Value Voters will be sitting on their hands.



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  1. By Sgtcajones, July 10, 2012


    Never said I Am settling for Kaine, what I am no longer doing is working my ass off for a candidate that will not support my values and principles. George Allen need people like me to win; he wants our help, but he does not want to committ to our values. It doesn’t cost him anything to give us irrefutable assurances that we can use to hold his feet to the fire if he does not turn out to be that “Great Conservative” he says he is, but he won’t do it. What does THAT tell You?

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