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It’s amazing what our people accomplished. Tens of thousands of Virginia conservatives and Tea Party supporters stood up today to say it is time to stop the insanity in Washington.

When we started this campaign, all the political pundits and the political class said we’d never succeed.

  • They said we wouldn’t get on the ballot. But we did.
  • They said we couldn’t raise money. But we raised nearly a million dollars through more than 7,000 donations, without any outside help, without special interests, without the DC lobbyists.
  • They said we couldn’t build a statewide organization. But we had thousands of volunteers out in the field working tirelessly.
  • They told us we wouldn’t get out of single digits. And we got a quarter of the vote.

I am proud of our supporters, our team, all our volunteers and I am deeply grateful to every Virginian who voted for me today.

All of you have helped change the dialogue in the Republican Party. We are making the Republican Party credible on spending again. We are making our candidates accountable again. And we are restoring integrity to politics to the leadership of our nation.

I want to thank my incredibly supportive husband John, my wonderful children Abigail, Sarah and Luke, and my mother Donna and her husband Gil.

Thank you,

Jamie Radtke

Red State Virginia

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  1. sgtcajones By Cameron Jones, June 13, 2012

    Mr. Cortez,

    You speak like you represent the Tea Party. Let me assure you YOU do not sir. George Allen won the election fair and square, and I am sure conservative Virginians will support him against Tim Kaine as we will support Mitt Romney against Obama; the options are unacceptable.

    I will also assure you that should George Allen become the next Senator from Virginia, and I pray that he does, we will watch GA 2.0 like a hawk. He had better live up to the “Great Conservative” label that everyone of his establishment supporters has placed on him or we will call him out just like we would Kaine. We cannot afford to have go-along-to-get-along people in Congress like we have had in the past; the stakes for our national future are just too great.

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