It’s Time to Come Together and Put Your Country First

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The primaries are over and the match-ups for the November elections have been set.  If your candidate didn’t win their respective primary, join the club, mine didn’t either.  But unlike some on our side, I am in fact prepared to support the candidates who did.

After this Tuesday’s U. S. Senate primary in which my candidate, Jamie Radtke lost to George Allen, I began reading posts on Facebook from disgruntled voters who were openly talking about writing in Jamie’s name in November along with Ron Paul.  If you are one of those, STOP, move away from the ballot.

I get it as I too am bummed that both my candidate for president and my candidate for senator didn’t win, but to write either in on the November ballot is pointless.  A vote for anybody other than Romney is a vote for Obama.  A vote for anybody other than Allen is a vote for Kaine.

The time to try and pursuade others that your guy, or gal is the best candidate is over.  Nothing you do now can change the outcome of the primary’s.  Whats done is done.  It is time to support the nominee and defeat the Marxist on the left before it’s too late.  While your doing that, however, continue to fight for TEA Party candidates and ideas which are in fact moving the country back to it’s founding principles.

As much as I wish I could cast a vote for Jamie Radtke in November, it just isn’t going to happen and it is foolish to think otherwise.  But as upset as I may be, it pales in comparison to how upset I will be if Kaine becomes my senator.  The same holds true should Obama get reelected, although I’m not sure upset is a strong enough word should that happen.

So, I will go to the polls in November and I WILL vote for Romeny, and I WILL vote for Allen.  Whether or not either was your first choice is not relevant now, the time to put your country first has come.   You will go into the poling booth in November and you must vote the same because if you don’t, you might as well stick a fork in America because she will be done.


P.S. Take a long hard look at the image above.  Do you really want to see that again in 2013?

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  1. sgtcajones By sgtcajones, June 18, 2012


    George Allen will only get my whole hearted support when he embraces me as a conservative. So far he has not done that. He is too busy embracing the establisment and his big money donors.

    He needs to realize which side his bread is buttered on. He needs conservatives to win, but he has to acknowledge us and pledge to support our ideals. Please see the article I posted this morning.


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