George Allen Must Court Conservatives or Lose.

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Saturday at the RPV Convention it was pretty obvious that the base IS NOT energized.

Over 4,000 delegates registered, but only 1,438 showed up. Red meat was thrown out by all the speakers but from my vantage point, the masses were not gobbling it up like the leadership hoped they would.

A couple of the speakers, notably Romney’s son and Ken Cuccinelli fired up the crowd, but George Allen received a very tepid response. I could barely hear what he was saying over all of the side conversations that were going on around me, clearly there were few in the crowd that were hanging on his every word. The cheering masses of over 4,100 that the Hampton Roads Daily Press described simply did not exist at the convention I attended. Perhaps there was another RPV convention at the Richmond Convention Center and I went to the wrong one?

Speaker after speaker called for Tea Party conservatives to unite behind Allen and Romney and everyone even Allen, acknowledged that he needs Tea Party conservatives to win in November, but once again he chose to ignored a huge chance to bring us into the fold.

We were reminded over and over that good conservative Republicans will unite behind Allen to defeat Kaine. My question is, what is Allen going to do for us?

George Allen has done NOTHING to embrace conservatives, both Tea Party and Ron Paul types during his campaign, and now we are all supposed to just fall in line and support George Almighty against Timmy Kaine or we are “Bad Republicans”?

Politics is a game of give and take, and we have given freely of our passion and our efforts to support 3 candidates that hold our principles dear, against one whom has not shown us that he shares our values. That is why 35 percent of the primary vote was anti-Allen; he has not convinced us that he represents our values and conservative Republican principles.

The values we hold ARE the values of the Republican Party, not the values of some alien nation that has invaded the party; they are good fiscally and socially conservative values that should be embraced by the party and all of its candidates.

Republicans are supposed to stand for these conservative principles, so why are self-proclaimed conservatives like George Allen so afraid to embrace us?

Here are some facts for George Allen to consider.

Fact: George Allen CANNOT win in November without the ground game and organization of people like me; passionate, dedicated, Conservatives who will get out there and organize and turn out the vote for him. He does not have that now or he would not have lost 35% of the vote in the primary.

Fact: If George Allen does not publicly and convincingly acknowledge, perhaps through a pledge to conservatives, that he will uphold our principles and faithfully represent them in the Senate, then he is not going to get my support leading up to November. I MAY hold my nose and vote for him, but I will not contact people in my precinct to tell them a lie about how much I support the “Great Conservative” George Allen. I will not put my name on the line for anyone I don’t believe in.

Fact: George Allen cannot win in November with a low turnout and 65% of the Republican primary vote is not a show of support.  He has a long way to go to unite conservatives against Kaine. Tim Kaine and Barack Obama have an Army of people on the ground in Virginia; George Allen needs a large network of dedicated grassroots conservatives like me to turn out every single Republican in November to defeat Kaine, and he needs them yesterday. Someone had better drum this into his head!

If the campaign and the candidate cannot recognize the value of my support in the coming months to mobilize Republicans and Independents to come out for Allen, then I cannot support his candidacy either

I hope every Patriot in Virginia will make this stand with me. George Allen DOES NOT get my support unless HE SUPPORTS MY PRINCIPLES AND VALUES.

George Allen should start today by arranging to meet Tea Party, Ron Paul supporters, and Libertarian conservatives all over the state, on their turf, and without the expectation of a photo op (so leave the media at home George; we have no interest in being a mere sound bite for you to use to show how much we adore you.) He needs to sit down with us, listen to our concerns, and convince us face-to-face that he supports our values and principles. If he does that he can gain our support, but not until.


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  1. By Ken Kreitz, June 19, 2012

    Cameron, While I agree with the general scope of your article, I will hold my nose AND work to defeat Kaine, just like I will be doing for Romney. Radke clearly was the enspired candidate during the primary and at the candidate forum in Fredericksburg, Allen showed very little enthusiasm for going to Washington and changing the spending culture up there, but this is going to be a critical election and we did not get here in a couple election cycles, and we won’t get out in a couple either…. For 40 years it’s been the lessor of the two evils, I guess it’ll have to be that way one more time!

    • sgtcajones By sgtcajones, June 19, 2012


      All elections are critical, especially now. When do conservatives get to make their stand; next election, the one after that one?
      Maybe we should wait until the RPV and the RNC tell us we can make our stand.

      I am making mine now.

      I will work to unseat Obama, but I will not lend my name to a candidate that will not even talk to the conservatives that he wants
      to vote for him. Someone who is taking big bucks from out of state donors while ignoring the people of Virginia whom he most needs to get elected.

      Allen gets no effort from me until he meets with Tea Party and other conservatives and provides assurances that can be used to hold his feet to the fire when (if) he sits in the Senate again.

      I also need assurances that he is going there to represent me, my children, and my grandchildren, not a sugar magnate in Florida, the owner of a huge food company in NC, or a nationwide law firm in Las Vegas to name a few.

      I also want to know he is not going there to try to figure out if he can run for President like he was doing in 2006.

      These are just a few of my concerns.

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