The Radical Environmental Movement and Your Freedom

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On Friday last, Al Gore was the keynote speaker at the inauguration of Hampshire President Jonathan Lash.  During his speech, also know as delusional rants from a certifiable nut, (Yes, I truly believe Gore is mentally ill, but isn’t most of the Democrat party really?) Al Gore took the opportunity to once again make the claim that you and I are destroying the earth by driving our cars, using the wrong kind of light bulb and by simply breathing.  Actually, inhaling is okay with the left, you just can’t exhale.  I believe Bill Clinton is an expert on inhaling.  I wonder if marijuana smoke is bad for the environment?  Topic for another day I suppose.

I am actually impressed that Gore has the time to give speeches.  I thought most of his days were spent counting the billions of dollars he is making by perpetrating the biggest scam in history.  Yes, Mr. Gore stands to make billions of dollars off of global warming.  His companies include Generation Investment Management (GIM) which is a hedge fund that invests in “green” companies.  More on that in another article. What I want to discuss today is the danger to our way of life that comes from buying into the man made climate change lie.

I believe that the climate change lie poses the biggest danger to our liberty because so many people on the right side of the political spectrum have bought into it.  I can fully understand why since I was one of those who believed that the destruction of our environment was the most important issue facing human kind. After all, if we destroy the earth, where else are we going to live?  I held those beliefs in my teens and early twenties but soon realized that most of what we were being told would happen never did.  Remember global cooling?  Never happened.  Remember the warnings about the total extinction of the African elephant?  In the mid 1980’s, we were told they would be gone in ten years.  Never happened.  Remember all the bad things that would happen because of the use of DDT?  Yeah, that’s been proven to be BS yet thousands die every year in the third world because of malaria which is transmitted by mosquito bites.  It is those very same mosquito’s that DDT was used to kill.

Today we are told that the earth is warming at an unnatural rate and that you and I are to blame.  Time is running out and according to Al Gore, we only have ten years to fix it.  That was seven years ago so time is running short.  I seem to remember the former head of the UN once saying that we only had three years left.  I believe that was five years ago.  Another prediction from the left that appears to have been wrong.

Like most teens and young adults, I thought I knew more than I actually did.  Yes, apparently I didn’t know it all.  Since then, I grew up and grew wiser and realized the lies coming from the left, but many well intentioned “conservatives” still haven’t awakened to the fact that the left lies and makes things up, like man made global warming for instance, in an effort to control us.  In fact, the left is already doing a damn good job of controlling us and they haven’t even gotten implemented their entire environmental agenda.  When they do, it’s lights out, literally!

When the government runs health care like it will if Obamacare is allowed to stand, they have control over much of what a person does if some bureaucrat thinks that your actions will negatively impact your health thus costing the system money.  Smoking is bad for you so the government can stop you from doing it.  French fries are bad for you so we have to ban them.  Broccoli is good so the man will require you to eat two servings a day.  Your insurance policy doesn’t conform so you must buy ours.  The government could care less about you or your health, they just want control.  The goal of the environmental movement is the same.  It’s the ultimate one two punch for taking away your liberty.

The government will decide what car you can buy, how much water is in your toilet, what the wattage is on you light bulb and how many kids you can have.  Along with Obamacare, cap and trade would be the ultimate take over of your life.

Make no mistake about it, control over every single aspect of your life is the end game and the game is well underway why most of us our completely oblivious to it.  This is why sitting on the couch with Nancy Pelosi and talking about global warming was so unforgivable and why Newt Gingrich never had a change of getting the GOP nomination.  It is also illustrates that many on our side just don’t get it when it comes to the real motivations behind the radical environmental movement.


P.S. – This issue is so vitally important that I have decided to do a series of articles to help people better understand the origins of the environmental movement, it’s true intentions and the lies that must be spread to further the movement.  Be looking for the next article in the coming days.



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