The President Comes out in Support of Deviancy

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Today’s post is mostly visual and will most like be offensive to most rational, normal people.  It is inspired by our great leaders “evolved” stance on the topic of gay marriage.  Since old cousin Joe opened his big mouth and forced the president’s hand, the topic of gay marriage has been a regular topic of discussion on talk radio and on the opinion shows on television.

For the record, gay marriage is wrong and should not be condoned or promoted by our political leaders.  The acceptance by the state of two people of the same sex getting married harms the sanctity of marriage and contributes to the destruction of our culture because it makes deviate behavior acceptable.  It’s a sad state of affairs when I have to turn the channel when the news comes on because the first thing you see are two men kissing at their wedding.  Tough to explain that one to my six year old.

While listing too and watching the news shows over the past week, I have heard some people on both sides of the isle support gay marriage stating that two people who love each other should be allowed to marry.  (Most people confuse the issue of two people getting married in a church and the government recognizing the marriage.  I’m against the government recognizing it and could care less if some particular religion whats to perform gay marriage ceremonies in their church.)  Many of these people state that gay people are no different than heterosexual people and whats the big deal anyway.  Why can’t we all be more accepting of other peoples beliefs they say.

Now I could really care less what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home unlike those on the left who want to tell all of us what to do every minute of the day.  The problem that the gay community has is  that they cannot keep their business private.  No, it seems that they go out of their way to shove it in all of our faces as the accompanying images will illustrate.

After looking at these images taken from gay pride parades around the world, please explain to me how any normal person can consider homosexuality normal in any way, yet that is exactly what we are told to believe.  We are supposed to buy into the fact that being gay is no different than being straight.  Ah, yeah, bravo sierra!  Remember also that our president is in full support of this kind of behavior.

Barak Obama is on the wrong side of this issue while Mitt Romney is on the correct side along with the 32 states who have thus far voted to ban gay marriage.


WARNING!  After looking at these images, you may be compelled to jam an ice pick into your eyes.

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