The Origins of the Environmental Movement

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To understand the true meaning of the radical environmental movement, it is first important to know it’s origins.  Perhaps like many of you, I had assumed that the green movement began in the 1960’s with people like Maurice Strong leading the way.  I was always told that Mr. Strong was the godfather of the movement and the man who inspired the likes of Al Gore.  While he did contribute to the insanity that is Al Gore, Maurice Strong is by far the original Marxist environmentalist.  No, to learn more about the original Marxist environmentalist, we must look back to the original Marxist, Karl Marx himself.

Yes, just like today’s radical environmentalist who fabricate crisis after crisis to suit their nefarious agenda, Karl Marx was a man ahead of his time.  And just like Marx, todays environmentalist has as their goal, not the saving of the planet, but the total control over it’s inhabitants.

To understand Marx and people like him, we must understand part of what motivates him.  We must understand what causes a person to believe that a tree or a delta smelt has the same rights as a human being but an unborn child is equivalent to a tumor which is to be cut out and discarded in the trash.  In a word, Materialism.

What is materialism?  In short, the theory of materialism espouses that all that exists in the universe is matter and energy.  To believe in materialism, a person takes the position that the only substance that exists is matter, and that there is no Supreme Being.  And to believe in this theory, it is easy to think that all things on earth and in the universe are equal because everything is made of matter.  A tree is made of matter, a fish a rock a blade of grass and a human, all made of matter and all equal.  Materialism is truly a secular belief system.

Marx and his partner in crime, Frederick Engels both prescribed to the three laws of materialism.  The three laws being the law of opposites, the law of negation and the law of transformation.  All three are key to understanding the thinking behind the green movement.  This article is not the place to discuss all three laws so I will focus on the most important of the three and the one that best explains both the Marxist agenda and the environmental agenda which are one in the same.

A simple explanation of the law of negation is appropriate here.  Simple put, negation means that all of nature is ever expanding through dying.  When something dies the law states, it’s energy is released and expands and produces more of the same kind.  Think of a seed.  The seed germinates and essentially dies and then produces a plant.  It is more complicated than that but you get the point.

It is out of this law of negation that the word sustainability is derived.  And of all the “buzzwords” used by those in the green movement, sustainability remains a constant.

Marx and Engels believed that non-human entities possessed the ability to self-regulate themselves thus preventing a kind of out of control growth that would not be sustainable.  On the other hand, they believed that humans did not have the ability to self-regulate and thus would grow out of control and consume all the earth’s resources thus putting the very survival of the planet at risk.  It was the belief of both Marx and Engels and every radical environmentalist up to and including Al Gore that humans must be stopped before the planet is destroyed.

We must not forget Charles Darwin.  His theory of evolution provided fodder for the opinion that Marx and Engels had that some human beings have evolved and advanced into a new level of reality.  In other words, some people have become elite and enlightened while the rest of us remain inferior to them.  It is these “elite and enlightened” few who believe they have a duty to dictate to the rest how they should live.  Marx, Engels and the elitist of today believe wholeheartedly that they possess this duty and that they, and only they know what is best.

In addition to this elitist attitude, Marx also loathed Capitalism.  Sound familiar?  He believed that the earth possessed a natural wealth which included “fruitful soil, waters teaming with fish, etc…waterfalls, navigable rivers, wood, metal, coal, etc.”  Marx believed that these natural resources did not belong to man and could only be utilized for the common good.  This common good as he described it did not include making a profit off such resources.

Marx believed that as a farmers crop yields expanded for instance, natures wealth was further abused and exploited and the farmer’s profits increased.  As his profits increase, everything else expanded from the crops he could grow, to the livestock that he could raise.  And he could do all of this more cheaply while gaining higher profit margins for himself.

Cheaper food meant that those living in the city could purchase food more cheaply thus allowing their families to grow as the cost to feed additional mouths went down.  Larger families resulted in bigger houses and increased population and expanding cities and everything that goes along with that to include the further exploitation of the earths natural resources and wealth.  This was everything he hated about capitalism in general and the United States in particular.

In his book, Das Kapital, Marx summed up the thinking of today’s radical environmentalist.  He stated:

“All progress in capitalistic agriculture is a progress in the art, not only of robbing the laborer, but of robbing the soil; all progress in increasing the fertility of the soil for a given time, is a progress towards ruining the lasting sources of that fertility.  The more a country starts it’s development on the foundation of modern industry, like the United States, for example, the more rapidly is the process of destruction.”

Marx hated capitalism as does the modern day environmentalist as does the modern day leftist which the Democrat party today is made up of.

So it was Karl Marx who was the original the sky is falling environmentalist.  But as you can see, it really had nothing to do with saving the planet and everything to do with controlling the people and defeating capitalism.  It is no different today with those pushing the green agenda.

Although there were many radicals after Marx who pushed their own “green” agenda including Lenin and Hitler, Al Gore is the king environmental Marxist today.  He believes without question that he is part of the elite who has a duty to tell the rest of us how we must live.  He flys around in his private jet all over the world while demanding that we drive electric cars to work.  He lives in a mansion which consumes massive amounts of electricity while telling the rest of us we must stop using conventional lightbulbs to reduce our carbon footprint.  And while jet setting all around the world and receiving praise from his fellow Marxist, Gore is amassing millions if not billions of dollars by telling us all to “go green.”

If we are to defeat the left and it’s Marxist agenda, we have to understand it’s origins and its real purpose;  tyranny and an end to capitalism.  It’s really that simple.  It’s not about saving the whales because they don’t need saving.  It’s not about stopping the polar bears from dying because their populations are increasing.  It’s not about global tempartures rising because there is nothing what so ever we as humans can do to affect it either way.  Tyranny, that’s the lefts end game and they will only win if we allow them too.


Contrary to the lies coming from the left, those of us on the right do not want dirty air and water.  We have no desire to live in a polluted world but keeping our rivers clean and our air suitable for breathing is a lot different from causing the earths temperature and its oceans to rise.  In my next article on radical environmentalism, I will discuss the junk science that the left uses to push it’s Marxist agenda and share with you the real facts about global warming, or lack there of.  Stay tuned.



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