NASCAR, Global Warming and Junk Science Unite

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I just read an article talking about NASCAR’s new green partnership deal with the EPA. It illustrates the point I have made in the past about the dangers of the so called green movement.  It is the one issue that seems to hypnotize some generally rational, right thinking people into going along with the Marxist agenda of the left.  Sure, we all want clean air and clean water and nobody wants to live in a world filled with litter, but the green movement has nothing to do with any of that and everything to do with confiscating our liberty.

In my two previous articles in my series on the radical environmental movement, “The Origins of the Environmental Movement” and “The Environmental Movement and Your Freedom“, I chronicle the real motivation behind the green agenda and why you should be very afraid should they achieve their goals.  In this article I will illustrate why their arguments are not supported by any scientific evidence, and in fact, the data actually disproves much of what it is that the left, and especially Al Gore say is settled science.

A few years ago there were concerts staged around the world in order to bring awareness to the threat of global warming.  The concerts were held sometime in the summer, could have been July or August I think.  I remember listing to it live on satellite radio and hearing one of the commentators, nobody important as I recall, bitching and moaning about global warming and stating that it was a fact that couldn’t be disputed.  She used as her evidence the fact that it was in excess of 100 degrees where she was broadcasting from.  And her location, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Now, I lived in Vegas for three years and I can attest to the fact that is is hot, especially in the summer, but 100 degree weather in Vegas in the summer is the norm and has ZERO to do with global warming.  Yet the commentator was using the hot Las Vegas summer as evidence that we all need to stop driving SUV’s and using incandescent light bulbs.

The fact is, there is zero evidence that you and I are causing the earth to warm and I would argue that even if we made a concerted effort with the stated goal to try and warm the earth, we would fail.  Humans just do not possess that power and it is foolish to think otherwise.

I remember a time in the late 70’s and into the 80’s where the Al Gore types were telling us that we were entering an ice age because the carbon dioxide we were emitting by driving our cars and simple exhaling was preventing the suns rays from heating the earth sufficiently. Around 1990, after decades of preaching that lie, the left did an abrupt about face and told us that the same CO2 was actually causing the earth to warm.  I’ll be interested to see what they come up with next once enough people realize how full of it people like Al Gore really are.

Lets look at the inconvenient facts.  Between 900 AD and 1300 AD, a time known as the Medieval Warm Period, the earth was approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than today.  From 1350 until 1800, the earth cooled approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it was 2 degrees cooler than the average temperatures are today.  Scientists refer to this period as the Little Ice Age.  After this cool down, the earth’s temperature began to stabilize for a period of about 50 years until 1850. Then, until 1940, we warmed up a degree followed by a brief cooling period until 1970.  This is when we were told that we were heading into a new ice age.

We warmed up again a whopping .34 degrees Fahrenheit between 1970 and 1998.  This is that dreaded global warming that Al Gore has made millions of dollars telling us all about.

From 1850, the earth has warmed 1.14 degrees Fahrenheit with the majority of that warming occurring prior to 1940.  Since 1998, the earth’s temperature has remained stable.

Lets test your knowledge with some quick trivia.  Do you know when the hottest decade ever recorded in the United States was?  If you said the 1990’s, you must be an Al Gore zombie.  No, the hottest recorded decade in the United States was the 1930’s with the hottest year being 1934. (Note that we have only had the ability to accurately measure the temperature since the early 1800’s.)  In 1936, Steele North Dakota set a record for that state that still stands of 121 degrees.

As you can see from the above facts, and they are facts, the temperature of the earth naturally rises and falls and I suspect this has been occurring for millions of years, naturally.  (Hey, didn’t Naturally play first base for the St. Louis Wolves?)I know some would like to blame these temperature changes on the ancient Egyptians love affair with the SUV, but the facts simply do not support this.

Now lets take a look at the cause of all this “global warming,” carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide or CO2 has been labeled a pollutant by the EPA and the United Nations.  As we talked about in a previous article, according to the left, it is we humans who are the biggest threat to the planet and it is we humans who must be dealt with in order to save mother earth.  So it is no surprise that CO2 has been labeled a pollutant and the number one cause of global warming since it is CO2 that we all exhale thousands of times a day.  I guess we should all just hold our breathes.  You first Al Gore.

Since you missed the answer to the first question, I’ll give you a second chance.  Can you tell me how CO2 is made?  By exhaling the air we breathe you say; no.  By burning fossil fuels; nope.  By the generation of electricity;  nada.  None of those things create CO2 and that is because carbon dioxide is like water in that all there is and all there ever will be is already in existence on earth.  Just like we cannot make water or destroy it for that matter, we also cannot make or destroy CO2.  All that happens when we exhale, or run or cars or turn on our televisions (use electricity) is release CO2 into the atmosphere, we don’t actually create any new CO2.  And once in the atmosphere, the carbon dioxide is eventually absorbed back into the earth through plants and water completing what is known as the “carbon cycle.”  Although this occurs when we humans burn fossil fuels, it is a naturally occurring process when such things as volcanoes erupt or plants die and decompose.  In fact, when Mount Saint Helen’s erupted in 1980, it released more carbon into the atmosphere than had previously been released by man since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

So, how much CO2 currently exists in our atmosphere?  (Answer this one for extra credit.)  How about 38/1,000 of a percent.  Yup, you read that correctly, the gas that is said to be killing the planet can only be found in the atmosphere at a rate of .038 percent while nitrogen makes up 78 percent of the atmosphere and oxygen only 28 percent.

Just like the historical temperature data debunks the assertion that the earth is getting warmer at an unprecedented rate, so to does the historical record of the amount of CO2 found in the atmosphere which we are told is contributing to this “global warming.”

An accurate record of the amount of carbon dioxide that was in the atmosphere at a given time period can be measure by examining rocks and fossils.  According to paleoclimate researchers who study such things, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was approximately 6 times higher than it is today 50 million years ago.  And since we have yet to discover any fossilized SUV’s, I doubt vehicle emissions had anything to do with it.  According to these same paleoclimate researches, (I’ll bet these guys have no problems scoring chicks.) the earth had carbon levels as much as 12 times current levels 340 million years ago.  I’ll bet Al Gore would have had a field day back then chastising the cavemen for destroying the planet.  Boy do I wish somebody would invent a time machine.

Remember we talked about the temperature dropping between 1940 and 1970?  Well during that period, carbon levels in the atmosphere actually increased which was why those Marxist in the green movement were saying that CO2 was causing the earth to cool.  They now say the complete opposite.

Lastly, increased carbon dioxide levels are actually a good thing.  Ever hear the old adage that your plants will grown bigger if you talk to them?  Well that’s because when you do, you are emitting CO2 which plants absolutely love and thrive on, they would die without it.  All plants in fact from trees and grass to potato plants and strawberries.  More carbon means bigger, healthier crop yields.  That would be another one of those inconvenient facts.

So, as you can see, the facts simply do not support the notion that we as humans are warming the planet and thus contributing to it’s demise.  A fact that NASCAR obviously missed when they decided to get in bed with the Marxist in the EPA.  Another of America’s great institutions that has been destroyed by the left.






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