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Posted by Dennis Gill   // May 31, 2012   // Comments Off

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In Bearing Drifts latest rant against Jamie Radtke tilted, “U. S. Senate Primary: On June 13, Will We Still Be Friends?,” author Michael Fletcher criticizes Radtke’s campaign strategy to become the Republican nominee for the United States Senate from Virginia.  Mr. Fletcher believes that Radtke would be better served by not attacking George Allen’s record while he served in the U. S. Senate.  Fletcher even goes so far as to scold Radtke for not listening to the Bearing Drift when they told her to not run negative against Allen.

Mr. Fletcher uses a quote by a Democrat against Radtke as evidence that what she is doing is wrong and infers again that she should listen to the advice of the Bearing Drift. Well Mr. Fletcher, I could not care less what the Democrats think or say about her since they are most certainly the enemy of not only the Republicans but of the United States.  I fully expect the left to depict Jamie Radtke negatively and look at that as a positive.

I say good for Jamie for not listening to the establishment and for pointing out the fact that George Allen is a career politician who voted for things like an increase to the debt limit 4 times, voted “yes” on  No Child Left Behind, voted “yes” for Medicare Part D and sponsored “National Heritage Area” legislation which  was a pro-Agenda 21 bill and anti-property rights according to Human Events.  There are many more issues that Senator Allen came down on the wrong side of and it is not only appropriate for Jamie Radtke to point these out but she would be remise if she didn’t.

Yes, George Allen is leading in the polls but to say that the Radtke campaign should not be regularly pointing out Allen’s faults is absurd.  George Allen has massive name recognition due to his popularity as Virginia Governor and a U.S. Senator and that is definitely working in his favor.  Anybody who would oppose him was going to have a tough uphill struggle.

Look, I have met George Allen and I like the man and I believe he is honorable unlike many politicians, but he is just that, a career politician.  Career politicians are the problem and if we are to turn this country around, we cannot repeatedly elect the same people over and over and over again.  It’s insane!  With that said, I will support him should he be the nominee as I believe Jamie will.

Jamie Radtke is most certainly not a career politician and she isn’t some right wing kook like many on our side have labeled her.  She will go to Washington and fight to save America and stand up to those on our side, like George Allen who have contributed to the destructive government spending and massive entitlement programs that are destroying the American dream for a generation to come.

A vote for George Allen is a vote for the status quo so that’s why I fully and happily support and endorse Jamie Radtke to be the Republican nominee for the United States Senate.




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  1. sgtcajones By sgtcajones, May 31, 2012

    I am in 100% agreement with you Dennis.

    Go Jamie!

  2. By Alton Foley, June 5, 2012

    Looky here.

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