Action Alert! Governor McDonnell Needs to Hear from You

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Virginia is a key state in our quest to defeat Obama and his Marxist agenda.  History tells us that the left will do anything, to include lie and cheat to win elections.  In fact, lying and cheating is the standard operating procedure for Democrats these days.  That is exactly what happened in Minnesota during the 2008 elections when Al Franken aka Stuart Smalley and the dems cheated their way to victory making Franken a United States Senator and the 60th vote Obama needed to make Obamacare law.  Elections do matter.

The current poles show Obama and Romney neck and neck and with the outcome in Virginia being critical to this election and perhaps the very future of the country, don’t be fooled into thinking for one minute that the left will play fair.  One way to help combat voter fraud is to require a person to show an ID to verify who they are before they can vote.  A bill to do just that sits before the governor, but he needs a nudge in the right direction from you and I to sign the bill into law.

See the action alert below sent out by the Richmond TEA Party.



The Governor hasn’t signed SB1 (the voter id bill) yet, and is considering vetoing it because the General Assembly took out his amendment that allowed local election boards to simply compare signatures on provisional ballots and registration cards in order to eliminate the need for a voter without ID to bring in proof of identity after the election.

If he vetoes it, we are back to the situation where thousands of voters without ID can simply sign a form saying they are who they claim to be, and then vote a regular ballot, with no followup, as happened in 2008.

The Left has been lobbying him hard to veto it so the election can be more easily stolen.

THEREFORE, we need to have thousands of calls going to the Governor’s office (804-786-2211) in the next few days urging him to sign SB1, or else we will be at greater risk of losing Virginia in the Fall election.

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