The Rodney King Sequel

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Well it finally happened today, George Zimmerman was charged with 2nd Degree Murder for the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida and I suppose it was inevitable considering the pressure put on by the racist in the media and those who have made a career out of stoking the flames of hate.  Mr. Zimmeraman’s fate is now in the hands of 12 Florida citizens who we only hope can approach their duty as jurors with the mindset that Zimmeraman is innocent unless it can be proven without a reasonable doubt that he is guilty.

I watched the news conference led by the special prosecutor Angela Corey and was disappointed at best with her demeanor and her words.  She began the news conference with a big smile on her face clearly knowing that she was about to become an instant celebrity.  What is there to be happy about in all of this?  Very unprofessional in my view.  She then went on to speak for five minutes before ever announcing the charges against Zimmerman.  Clearly she was enjoying her time in the spotlight.

“It is the search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this moment” Corey said which sounds an awful lot like something Al Sharpton would say.  Now while I think is is tragic when a 17 year old dies, for whatever reason, if that 17 year old was the primary aggressor as Zimmerman contends, and if that 17 year old put himself in a situation as the primary aggressor where the other party, in this case Zimmerman believed that his life was in danger, than the justice sought should be for George Zimmerman.

Corey added that “we don’t prosecute by public pressure or petition.”  Those are nice words Ms. Corey but the reality is that the original investigation at the time of the shooting did not reveal evidence that would lead to a warrant being obtained for Mr. Zimmerman.  It was only after the media doctored the 911 call, the video of Zimmerman being brought into the police station was edited, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson began yelling a screaming for justice and the New Black Panther Party made threats that a charge was brought.  Seems awfully suspicious to me and I find Ms. Corey’s words a little unbelievable.

From what I know of the case and my experience in law enforcement, I cannot see any scenario in which an impartial jury finds proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict George Zimmerman of 2nd Degree Murder.  To convict on that charge, it has to be proven that Zimmerman had criminal intent in his mind when he shot Martin.  That is a tough burden on the state in a case in which a person claims self defense and has the injuries to support that contention.

At best this trial will result in a hung jury and in my opinion will most likely result in a not guilty verdict. Either way, we should brace ourselves for a repeat of the Rodney King episode that resulted in millions of dollars in property damages and 53 people being killed.  When this likely scenario plays itself out, the blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the left wing media and the rest of the usual subjects who blame everything on race and who love to stir the pot of hate and class warfare every chance they get.

At the head of that table will be our president and his attorney general who have done nothing but stoke the flames of hate and discontent among blacks in this country.  They are disgraceful human beings and are partially responsible for lighting the fuse that will result in the powder keg going off in Sanford, Florida.


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