Obama Is Running On Fumes

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Received via email:
Friends —

I know your inboxes are just swamped these days, so I’ll be brief. I’ve seen a lot of campaigns in my time, but I’ve never seen one come off as so desperate this early in the cycle.

President Obama is on the air in Virginia with a new TV, his second ad before Easter attempting to deflect blame for his inept energy policies that have left us with $4 a gallon gasoline. It is truly remarkable that a sitting President is on the air, essentially telling voters “It’s not my fault, blame someone else.”

If you haven’t seen the ad, you can find it here.

That spot says a lot of things, but “confidence” isn’t one of them. But if you think about, Obama had to do something to push back against the tens of thousands of signs across Virginia that talk about just how bad his energy policy really is.

I’m sure you’ve seen them. They’re at gas stations, and these days they start with “$4″

Team Obama is playing defense in the Old Dominion. Vice President Joe Biden is in Virginia today, trying to recapture some of that college campus magic he had in 2008. Of course, with college age unemployment running at 14 percent and near record numbers of young people moving back in with their parents after college because they can’t find a job, Hope and Change are a bit harder to sell.

But while Obama might be playing defense here in Virginia, he does have a deep bench to call on — labor unions, Hollywood liberals, and other left wing groups know this is their last, best chance to enact their radical agendas.

And President Obama has shown he’s willing to go along with them. Just last week, his Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules that will effectively kill off any new coal-fired power plants in the U.S. And with 93 percent of Virginia coal being used for electricity generation, those rules could be a death knell for Southwest Virginia’s coal industry.

Can you help us fight back? A donation of $5, $15, $25, or event $50 will help us push back against the Chicago campaign machine. With your help, we can reach the voters who will ensure Virginia elects a Republican this November!

We’ve got Barack Obama on defense. Let’s keep him there.

Yours in Republican Victory,


Pat Mullins, Chairman

Red State Virginia

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