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So I was getting ready to leave the house yesterday and my dog walked up and sat down in front of me.  Dogs have that six sense and he knew I was getting ready to go and that he would be left alone.  He sat there and looked at me with those sad eyes dogs often give when they realize that you are leaving.

As he sat there looking sad and depressed, I began to tell him just how lucky he was to be living with me in an effort the cheer him up.  I told him how lucky he was because he didn’t have to go out and hunt for food because I provided it for him.  I told him that he was lucky because he didn’t have to live outside in the cold or heat or rain or snow because I was providing him a place to live, a roof over his head.  I told him how lucky he was because he didn’t have to worry about getting sick because I provided him with regular  checkups.  I told him how lucky he was because all he had to do was lay around, play with his toys and lick himself.  All this I told him and it wasn’t costing him a dime as I was the one paying for it all.  He literally had no responsibilities in life.

In the end, all my words did little to cheer him up, but it did make me think for a moment.  My dog was responsible for nothing as it was I who provided every thing he needed to survive and yet it still wasn’t enough to make him happy.  My God I thought, my dog is living the life of a liberal!  He had no job yet everything he needs or will ever need was given to him by me and not once has he ever thanked me.

And to top it all off, my wife wants to have somebody come to the house to train him and she wants me to foot the bill.  I wonder if he would qualify for a reduced rate student lone?  Now that would really be living the good life.


P.S. – Yes, I really did have that conversation with my dog.  He sat there and listened by I suspect he was just trying to humor me.


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