Hilary Rosen vs Traditional Family Values

Posted by Dennis Gill   // April 13, 2012   // Comments Off

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Hilary Rosen, left wing political hack, far left feminist and friend of the Obama administration said this week that Ann Romney wasn’t qualified to comment on economic issues to her husband because she had never worked a day in her life.  This orchestrated attack by the White House on the wife of a political opponent is just another example of the class warfare rhetoric that comes from the left on a daily basis.  It is also an attack on the traditional family, make no mistake about it.

It all started when Ann Romney said that she had discussed with her husband, Mitt Romney some of the issues that working mothers are facing in this down economy.  Rosen doesn’t think that Mrs. Romney could possibly have an opinion on matters of economics and the struggles of everyday families because the Romney’s have worked hard and made a lot of money and a nice life for themselves.  You know, that whole American dream thing.

So, the way I see it, if Ann Romney isn’t qualified to speak on issues of economics because of her families wealth, then Hilary Rosen isn’t qualified to speak about issues involving conversations between husbands and wives.  You see, Miz Rosen is a lesbian and thus has no business commenting on anything that happens between a man and a women who have been married for decades and who have together raised five children.  How could she possibly know about such things since she has never been in a committed relationship with a man a day in her life?  Just say’n.




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