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Last week it was discovered that the GSA has been wasting millions of tax payer dollars on lavish conferences, parities, trips all over the place for aministators and who knows what else.  The worst part of it all is that GSA employees did very little to try to hide any of it, even going so as to make parity videos featuring clowns, rappers and women throwing money in the air while they dance around like whores.  (No, this article isn’t about the Secret Service or Georgetown Law students.)

The revelations about the GSA could not come at a better time as the left is screaming about raising taxes on the rich and the news that the deficit has expanded by 5 trillions dollars under Obama, the most by any president in the history of the world.  I think some in the Democrat Party might have even been offended by this round of government waste.  (Seriously, there has to be at least 2 Dems who are offended.)

While the focus is on the GSA, don’t be fooled into thinking that it is the only federal government agency that is pissing away your money.  I can tell you from experience that it happens with regularity all throughout the government, and nobody even gives it a second thought.

During the late 1980’s, I worked for a very well known federal government agency right after high school.  Waste was a everyday occurrence and the holiday parties where epic.  Not party but parties and the alcohol was never in short supply.  Did I mention the parties where during the work day?  When I saw the GSA videos, I actually had a deja vu moment.  And the attitude that we were the federal government and money was no object was shared by everybody.

After leaving that job, I went into the military and experienced just the opposite.  Budgets where always tight and we were doing more with less all the time.  But we found a way to get the job done just the same not thanks to Bill Clinton who loved to reduce the size of government as long as that government was the military.  While there  is waste at the DOD, in my experience, it was much less than at other agencies I am familiar with.

After serving four years on active duty, I began a career in law enforcement working for a local agency.  In that capacity over the last 14 years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous federal government agencies.  In that time I have experienced that same money is no object attitude.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, “oh, it’s the feds, they got plenty of money.”  Or, “don’t worry about it, the feds are paying for it.”  Actually the feds have no money and I am worrying about it precisely because the feds are paying for it.

Not only is it federal agencies that are wasting the money, but local government agencies also get the opportunity to waste federal funds via grants.  It is typical for local government agencies to receive grant money from the federal government and then spend it on absolutely ridiculous things, things that if it was local money, authorization would have never been given to spend it.  You can pretty much guarantee that if some kind of useless training is offered or unneeded equipment is purchased, grant money from the feds was used.

The problem is that the federal government has the ability to create money out of thin air and government bureaucrats spend it with practically no oversight from anybody who cares.  Come September, everybody gets the same memo, if you have money left in your budgets, hurry up and spend it before the end of the month or you won’t get as much next year, whether you need it or not.

So, as the GSA scandal begins to unfold and more details emerge, be mindful that the massive wasting of your hard earned money is pervasive through the federal government.  Bureaucrats inside and outside of the Beltway are sitting fat and happy while the American people are struggling.  It’s always been that way and until the system fails, it probably always will be.  Bring on the clowns.


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