The Passing of a Conservative Pop Culture Warrior Icon

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(L to R) Lisa Mei Norton, Co-Founder of Big Dawg Music Mafia, Andrew Breitbart CPC Icon, and Candi Goldman Co-Host & Producer of Freedom's Wings Blog talk Radio

(L to R) Lisa Mei Norton, Co-Founder of Big Dawg Music Mafia, Andrew Breitbart CPC Icon, and Candi Goldman Co-Host & Producer of Freedom's Wings Blog talk Radio

Yesterday Morning, March 1st, I was stunned and shaken as many others were by the News of Andrew Breitbart’s passing.  With the lack of trust in Government my thoughts and emotions bounced from sadness to anger.   Why anger?   For I remember just a few weeks ago at CPAC2012 Andrew Breitbart told the crowd he had videos of Obama while in College, he called the left out and told us,  they are the problem.   He was a leader, mentor, and Hero to so many Americans looking for truth, looking to fix our downward decent as a Country.

His Friend Larry Solov wrote about Andrew Breitbart’s passing on Big Hollywood.

A wonderful musician and NYC Tea Party member, Toots Sweet posted his comments:

“PUTTIN MY TOOTS SENSE IN… well, it’s always a sad day in America whenever ANYONE passes on before their time… whether it be a pop star who brought so much joy and inspiration to so many adoring fans through their God given ability… or the accidental deaths of everyday life… The tragic deaths of those Brave, Courageous men and women who serve America so unselfishly, giving their lives for the protection and safety of others they never even met before… or the unforgiving deaths from deceases we still don’t completely understand and have no cures for… OR the unfortunate deaths of those who had a GREATER vision for AMERICA!!!  I was lucky enough to have met Andrew Breitbart on quite a few occasions and the little time I had spent with him was ALWAYS inspirational.. He was a good man ALWAYS said what he meant and meant what he said!!!… His untimely death is another reminder to me, just how fragile life is.. Andrew was one of the most passionate and articulate crusaders for the cause of FREEDOM, who believed the best things in life were HONESTY and KNOWLEDGE.. in his memory, we must continue the good fight, exposing the LIES and spreading the TRUTH, cause there’s still much work to be done!!! RIP Andrew, you will be missed but NEVER forgotten!!! (Slightly edited for clarity)”

Andrew Breitbart has inspired Americans with his search for truth and desire to improve America.   He also led a revival of sorts; honest Journalism with the internet being his tool to expose the lies and distortions coming from the Lame Stream Media and our Leaders today.  The truths he revealed have made a difference.  The truth is on a comeback and Andrew Breitbart helped lead the way; shedding light on critical issues and allowing Americans to understand what truly is important today.

Today is a new day, one without Andrew Breitbart; yet his message and light has been spread far and wide.  I called him a Conservative Pop Culture icon while writing about CPAC, he still is!  He was a great individual that always had time to help other Conservatives, Bloggers, anyone that shared his dream and passion to help America.  The last time I saw Andrew Breitbart was at CPAC walking around chatting with fellow Conservatives he then announced  he needed to find some liberals and walked outside the hotel to confront the occupiers, no cameras, no media, just Andrew being Andrew.   He was not afraid to confront the Unions and Progressives face-to-face, to me he relished in the fight for he knew the truth.

In honor of his service to our Country and to provide a reminder for myself and others; whenever I write the word bright, I will spell it Breit, until the November Elections.  I think Andrew would like that.

Our breit star is at peace tonight, prayers to his wife Susie, his 4 children, his family, friends and all Americans that will miss him.

A wonderful speech by Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012, please watch it.

Larry Bethea

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