The Iranian Threat (Warning Strong Images)

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WARNING: This article contains strong verbal and full color pictures of warfare. You have been warned. 

Understanding the threat posed by the Iranian regime can be difficult to say the least. The mainstream media does a poor job of describing the cultural reality of the region, and regularly indulges in reporting hyperbole being spouted by the Iranian regime itself. For the average American to understand the situation, is probably to much to expect. For the average voter to comprehend the situation is also highly unlikely considering the media is ineffective at voicing the truth, and the political pundits are often just as uninformed as the media.

For the last decade the United States media has been complicit in using fear to drive the citizens of this great nation into adopting and accepting sweeping changes in what is considered normal police and military behavior. The citizens of the 1980’s and 1990’s would have been far less willing to adopt legislation like the Patriot act which effectively abolished citizens rights to privacy with “roving” wiretaps. Indeed the last ten years read like something out of a novel by Orwell. It is hard to know what people might have done if Bill Clinton had illegally tapped the phones of US Citizens, because the controversy was underplayed when George Bush’s administration did just that. It is almost like a fog which prohibits the reasonable expectation of liberty has fallen over our nation, leading common people to abandon their pride, hiding under a shadow of fear. The 911 attacks left a deep scar on the nation, and if fear itself was the goal of these attacks they were expertly effective and we can say without a doubt, the attackers won.

One must take into account this fear mentality which has been propagated by the mainstream media before assessing the Iranian nuclear threat. Then one must understand that the Iranian regime currently in power is a mass producer of propaganda meant to keep Iranians in line. In fact if the majority of Iranians actually believe their media sources, they are as deceived about the reality of the world as anyone in the United States.

The blatant threats against the United States and Israel are accompanied by other far fetched nonsensical dribble aimed at the ears of the uninformed Iranian masses. However, this does not mean we should completely discount the Iranian threat altogether. In fact quite the opposite, the neurotic media in Iran can help us understand the character of their leaders.

In a recent Iranian english language propaganda piece titled: “Ahmadinejad: World Yearning for New Order” the Iranian president explains that the world is seeking a “new order”. He then goes on to say “Iranians are among few nations that have the ability to fulfill such a global and historical desire”. One must understand the religious ideology of Ahmadinejad to fully grasp just how scary that statement actually is.

Ahmadinejad is a “twelver”. He is a Shi’ite muslim who believes he will live to see the coming of the Mahdi. He also believes that people can hasten the coming of this next servant of the prophet. He is not alone in Iran, as nearly everyone in Iran is also a believer in the 12th imam.

For western readers to comprehend the Mahdi, they should only open their bibles to the last book. Imagine reading the book of revelations, accept invert the story. If you were to root for the anti-christ as the hero of the story, he would be the Mahdi. I am sure a great many muslims would take offense to this comparison, but the parallels are staggering.

Regardless, the 12th Imam comes to the world after an apocalyptic war. If one were to believe that we could bring about the coming of the Imam, it would be through urging the population into an apocalyptic war. For western reference, just imagine you wanted to cause the tribulation so that Jesus returned. This is in essence similar in spirit to what the Iranian president believes. He has said this public to the world while in front of the United Nations. Of course when he was cornered on the question by reporters he only talks about the peace that will come AFTER the Mahdi arrives, and pretends that the war to end all wars is not the roadmap to that time in history.

There are many western misconceptions about Islam. The first being the misconception that the religion of Islam is peaceful. This is patently false. The Islamic religion has more in common with Medieval Christianity than any other religion in current practice. It advocates violence, and its leaders advocate violence. The basic understanding of morality in a Muslim culture is very different from the morality expressed in the western judeo-christian culture.

To give an example of muslim morality, imagine that you entered into a business deal worth a million dollars with a muslim. Then imagine he broke the deal and did not deliver on his end. When you question the muslim about the deal he tells you “The deal will be finished, have no worries. Everything will be taken care of if god wills it.” You reply “what does that mean? Are you breaking the deal or not?”.. and the mulsim replies “Of course not, if God wills it, I will hold up my end of the deal.”

As a westerner you probably can’t believe another culture in the world might consider that to be “ok” and not morally wrong. If this is you, please consider the idea that the rest of the world does not hold all of your view points, morals, beliefs, and ethics. The Muslim world does not hold the same values as the western world. It is that simple.

To a Muslim the word “freedom” literally means willing submission to God. In the west we would understand true freedom and free-will to be the exercise of individuality and individual choice. Thus it is hard for westerners to comprehend that billions of people might exist in the world with a different understanding of the simple concept of liberty.

Taking this short cultural lesson into account. One can see how an Nuclear armed Iran is very scarry. In reality any group of Muslims holding a weapon of mass destruction, wanting to bring about the end of days, with a cultural lack of western morality, and religious leaders who praise violence against Jews and Americans…. this should scare the daylights out of anyone in the west.

The question is not about our fear. Fear is not a just reason to go to war. Being scared of someone is not a reason to kill them. Americans are to deprived of graphic violence. Some might object and point out the violent movies and video games around us all the time. These are not real violence. The american media elite have censored real human suffering from our vision, because if we were surrounded by the results of our actions, we would question our morality, and let go of our fear.

Lets get one fact strait. Bombs kill cute tiny little babies. Period. No matter how smart, how directed, how technologically advanced the guidance system. At the end of the day when we attack another country, innocent people who did nothing to provoke us personally are going to die in horrific, violent, terrible way that Americans do not regularly consider.

It should make a person sick to consider that soccer moms can sit around a coffee table and talk about how we should blow up hundreds of thousands of foreigners because we were scared of them. It does not matter how justified our fears were, just being scared is not enough reason for war.

War is something so terrible, so unspeakable, that it should make you feel sick to your stomach to even consider it. It does not contain glory. No nation wins a war. War is not something to be taken lightly.

This is what war looks like. Take a good look. Spend the next minute focused on this picture, and see if you don’t have a pit in your stomach.

That is war, not the just war we all like to imagine as we enjoy a violence free life. That is real war, the kind of war we pay for but never actually see with our own eyes.

The reality is that the “bad guys” are not the only ones that die in wars. Our boys are also going to die in wars. When I say our boys, I don’t just mean the guys from our team, I mean our children. The children of this country will go and kill and die when we are at war. This is nothing to take lightly, this is nothing to consider without great contemplation.

At the end of the day, no nation wins a war. When war comes, even a just war, everyone is going to lose. No one wins in war. So it is with this understanding that we must consider the threat of Iran. Remember, just because the bully down the street is big and scary does not mean we can kill him, and his family.

There are many other aspects of this issue. In fact it is quite possible that simply destroying Iran, and most of its population, would make the rest of the world a better place. What a horrible thing to say, yet it could very well be true. Indeed wiping Iran off the face of the map like dust from a sandy pant leg could indeed be the exact right move at this stage of the game.

It is more than possible that Iran is going to start the next world conflict. It is possible that by just destroying that nation no matter the cost, millions of lives could be spared. A world war might be averted. it is possible the angels will come down from heaven and bless our entire nation for turning Iran into a slat of nuclear glass.

But so what. So what if great reasons to nuke Iran exist. Unless they pose an immediate threat, it is the job of our elected congress to make the final decision on war. 

It can be amazing how the mainstream media can ignore this issue. Shawn Hannity even had a debate about Iran on his show in a clear attempt to build support for a war in Iran. But yet even in that open, clearly motivated debate. Not one person raised the question about the authority to go to war.

You see in this country both sides of the isle are on the same page. They might disagree about who to go blow up, but the both agree that they are not going to ask the American people for permission. Instead they let the media hype the war, never taking any official stance so as to be immune from blame, only to give the power of the congress away to the President in an illegal non-declared war.

This pattern has begun to repeat itself over and over in our history. Not since world war two have we had a legal war. How is it possible that every reporter in the media has somehow just plain missed this question in every interview with leaders and future leaders. In

Who cares about the Iranian threat, who cares about the next move for Israel, who cares. What we should care about is the fact that individuals in government have the power to kill untold thousands in other nations, without even having a public debate on the issue.

You and I, we are the ones who have been cut out of the discussion. We are the ones who have not held our elected leaders to account for their actions. We have allowed them to ignore our nations laws, and hundreds of thousands of strangers with weird beliefs in distant lands are now dead for it. Thousands of our soldiers bled out in the sand for a place they should never have been sent to, without even a simple public debate and the approval and oversight of congress.

Should we go to war with Iran..? Who cares, we can argue about that later. What we should be arguing about is that we lost our say. We lost our ability to impact that most important decisions our nation makes. I wonder what the King will do next?

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