Softball Questions: IRS Intimidation of Tea Party Groups

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Below is an email I sent to Congressman Boustany’s office. Neal Patel was kind enough to send me clips of the hearing with IRS Commissioner Shulman. I am writing to ask your assistance. Please take the time to thoroughly review the piece in Right Side News I have included. Hyperlinks in the letter show actual copies of the IRS letters. It is well researched and factual. Then tell me why Commissioner Shulman was served up softballs by our side.

When are we Republicans going to ask the tough questions? When will we start boring down on the over-reach of this administration’s bureaucracy? Can you assist in bringing this intimidation into public view?




First let me thank you again for keeping us informed of this issue as it plays out. Only when we keep each other informed and are honest in our communications will we be able to succeed as we work together. In order to insure you are fully informed of all the issues involved in the IRS intimidation of Tea Parties, I have included a post by one of our members that fully shows the intimidation we feel is being perpetrated on Tea Parties all across our nation. I hope you will take the time to open the links in this piece to see all that is really going on.


The paragraph below is a direct quote from the above post that talks about just three of the many prying questions regarding volunteers and donors. Whether or not the Tea Parties volunteered for this scrutiny, as asserted by Commissioner Shulman, is not pertinent to this discussion. This was an obvious attempt by Commissioner Shulman to divert from the real question: Why is the IRS pursuing this line of questioning?


“What are local Tea Partiers to think with requests like “Please identify your volunteers ” or are there board members or other officers who have run or will run for office (including relatives)”? What possible reason would the IRS have for Tea Parties to “name your donors ” when said donations are non-deductible? These are just a few of the questions asked by the IRS in these letters, and one cannot help but suspect an intrinsic threat encompassing all these demands.”


The questioning Congressman Boustany gave, which is shown in the clip below that you sent, does not include any specific inquiry into the actual inappropriate questions in the questionnaires submitted by his people. This, respectfully, appears to be a feeble attempt to placate us Tea Party folks. The questions asked of the Tea Parties in the IRS letters are much tougher than those asked Commissioner Shulman in the hearing. Will anyone take the opportunity for follow-up questioning?


In closing, I certainly hope our representatives in Congress will take a much more strident approach to get to the bottom of this obvious attempt by this administration and their people in the IRS to intimidate our Tea Party members. We are looking to you for your assistance just as you will be looking for ours in the next election.


Rick Buchanan

Member, Executive Committee

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation

Red State Virginia

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  1. By Joseph H. Schooff, April 3, 2012

    RTP needs to get every congressman( Cantor) included in this unfair treatment. It is nothing but bias against anyone who don’t agree with the liberal marxist view. OUR FREEDOMS ARE ON THE LINE.

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