George Allen not on Senator DeMint’s list of conservatives

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Email from Jamie Radtke:

Yes, you heard that right! The story just broke three hours ago in the Washington Examiner and is titled, “Allen not on DeMint’s list of conservative Senate candidates.” Senator DeMint agrees with us.

Sen. Jim DeMint singled out four candidates in Senate races across the country that he believes would help push the upper chamber and Republican Party in a more conservative direction. Absent from the list of those DeMint specifically targeted: Virginia’s Republican frontrunner George Allen.

In fact, DeMint was critical of Tommy Thompson, the former Republican governor of Wisconsin who served as President George W. Bush’s secretary of health and human services. DeMint said Thompson was a “good guy” but they didn’t need another member of “retired governors club.” That’s a club to which Allen, too, belongs.

But the knock on Allen is he’s an establishment favorite and a Bush-era Republican. That has opened the door for conservative grassroots campaigns to find space on the political right of Allen to challenge him.

Senator DeMint knows what we have been saying all along – George Allen is a big government, big spending, career politician who is a part of the good ‘ole boys. His record in the Senate was one of spending, growing the debt, earmarks, and crony capitalism. That is why we are releasing this video today on George Allen’s record and showing people that they do have a conservative alternative. You are the first to see this video, before it goes to the press.

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