Citizens Alert! Congressional Call to Arms!

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I’m sure many folks like myself, watch what our President is doing and wonder why Congress sits back and allows their powers to be usurp!

A bill was introduced in Congress that address’s one very important Congressional Requirement; War!  The Bill explains, “Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”  So now the Bill is before Congress, what are we going to do about it?

The bill, House Concurrent Resolution 107 submitted to Congress on March 7, 2012 by North Carolina Congressman Walter B. Jones Jr. needs every Member of Congress to co-sponsor this Bill.  The more co-sponsors the better.  Does your Member of Congress support the U.S. Constitution or the United Nations?   This Bill may put them on record!  How can you help?  Call, write, email, your Member of Congress and Senators.  Tell them you want them to Co-sponsor and support HCR 107!  At this time the bill is in the House Committee on the Judiciary.  This Bill needs to be moved out of the Committee and voted on by both houses!  We need to know who is standing up and defending our Armed Forces and the U.S. Constitution!  This Bill will address the Concerns of so many Americans, it’s critical Our President understands he MUST follow the “Rule of Law” under the United States Constitution.

If you need assistance locating who your Members of Congress

are click below and enter your zip code under “Get Involved”

If your Member of Congress is on the House Judiciary Committee, please let them know you want this Bill sent to the House Floor for a recorded vote Immediately!

The House Judiciary Committee members are

Hon. Smith
(R) Texas, 21st

Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr.
(R) Wisconsin, 5th

Hon. Coble
(R) North Carolina, 6th

Hon. Gallegly
(R) California, 24th

Hon. Goodlatte
(R) Virginia, 6th

Hon. Lungren
(R) California, 3rd

Hon. Chabot
(R) Ohio, 1st

Hon. Issa
(R) California, 49th

Hon. Pence
(R) Indiana, 6th

Hon. Forbes
(R) Virginia, 4th

Hon. King
(R) Iowa, 5th

Hon. Franks
(R) Arizona, 2nd

Hon. Gohmert
(R) Texas, 1st

Hon. Jordan
(R) Ohio, 4th

Hon. Poe
(R) Texas, 2nd

Hon. Chaffetz
(R) Utah, 3rd

Hon. Griffin
(R) Arkansas, 2nd

Hon. Marino
(R) Pennsylvania, 10th

Hon. Gowdy
(R) South Carolina, 4th

Hon. Ross
(R) Florida, 12th

Hon. Adams
(R) Florida, 24th

Hon. Quayle
(R) Arizona, 3rd

Hon. Amodei
(R) Nevada, 2nd

Hon. Conyers Jr.
(D) Michigan, 14th

Hon. Berman
(D) California, 28th

Hon. Nadler
(D) New York, 8th

Hon. Scott
(D) Virginia, 3rd

Hon. Watt
(D) North Carolina, 12th

Hon. Lofgren
(D) California, 16th

Hon. Jackson Lee
(D) Texas, 18th

Hon. Waters
(D) California, 35th

Hon. Cohen
(D) Tennessee, 9th

Hon. Johnson
(D) Georgia, 4th

Hon. Pierluisi
(D) Puerto Rico, Resident Commissioner

Hon. Quigley
(D) Illinois, 5th

Hon. Chu
(D) California, 32nd

Hon. Deutch
(D) Florida, 19th

Hon. Sánchez
(D) California, 39th

Hon. Polis
(D) Colorado, 2nd


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